This is our City: June 2016

30 June 2016

Reasons why Manchester City are so hated and City players are being unfairly treated, it's Guardiola time.

Why are Manchester City so hated, we're all well aware Liverpool fans are aggrieved by Raheem Sterling, we're all well aware Arsenal fans are upset that they've been treated as a bit of a feeder club by Manchester City and are resentful of Samir Nasri, Emmanuel Adebayor, Patrick Vieira and Gael Clichy. We're all aware Newcastle fans have a beef with us over the Hatem Ben Arfa incident and the fact it wasn't their massive club who was bought out by who has to be the best club owner in the world right now. Everton have taken their bitterness to a whole new level also. Upset by the Jack Rodwell sale but happy to sign our players, also not unlike the Geordie's in that they are also bitter about us being taken over and not their club. The list of clubs with reasons to hate us goes on but you get my drift.

So why are Manchester City's players being unfairly targeted and is it just down to the fact England got knocked out of Euro 2016 by Iceland? Or does it go deeper than that, we all know a lot of fans have deep bitter resentment for the amount of money professional football players earn so is that the source of hate?

Or is it down to the fact that the majority of these bitter and obsessed fans were once in love with Pep Guardiola, is the fact Pep Guardiola signed for City the reason for the new level of hate towards Manchester City and City's players. We're all well aware the Stretford Massive wanted Guardiola at Old Scaffold, only have to take a look around at how obsessed United fans are about Manchester City.

Just look at Twitter and you can spot thousands of Trafford United fans spilling their bile, they can't go one day without talking about Manchester City. While all Manchester City fans are interested in is living life and waiting for the arrival of one Josep Guardiola Sala, and enjoy the arrivals that will follow the legendary Manager.

Everyone's favorite Coach who signed for Manchester City, the club they love to hate. What more motivation does one need to hate and be obsessive about. They hate us because they ain't us, that's why they are unfairly attacking our players and singling them out as scape goats.

Have to say all this obsession and hate makes a change from being everyone's second favorite club, favorite because we were a walk over, once a yoyo club, a source of amusement, typical City.

You've all noticed me come to the defense of our players and club on many occasions but now it's time to forget what the opposing fans and media have to say.

Now it's time to wait for the announcement of Pep Guardiola tomorrow, it's time to prepare ourselves for the arrival of our new signings, 1st July is Guardiola time.

28 June 2016

England Boo Boys and Media are Embarrassing, England fans and Hodgson are to blame for England's failure.

Roy Hodgson

So what we, England deserved to beat Iceland and qualify for the Quarter Finals of Euro 2016 and it's all Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling's fault?

Overnight and today England fans are attacking Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling, calling them everything under the sun you could possibly think of. Even advising them to commit suicide, this behaviour is absolutely ludicrous, appalling and embarrassing.

Even the English Media had England down to beat Iceland claiming England should beat Iceland convincingly.

But yet again the Media and Supporters pile huge pressure on the England squad, an England squad who have barely ever played together. Singling out certain England players for huge social media criticism, abuse and slander.

What pisses me off the most is, that the only players who have been attacked are Manchester City players. When Wayne Rooney is a complete and utter over hyped average pile of donkey dung, constantly knocked off the ball and made a complete fool of by Iceland. Yet no one attacked him for his piss poor performances, he isn't even a bloody midfielder for crying out loud.

Daniel Sturridge provided absolutely nothing in attack and couldn't score to save his life either, Harry Kane and James Vardy haven't exactly set the European stage alight either. Gary Cahill and Chris Smalling were an utter shambles and provided Joe Hart absolutely ZERO protection.

Why are only Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling being attacked and made scape goats. The worst thing Joe Hart could possibly of done, was to admit it was his fault that England are out of Euro 2016 because it's not just Harts fault.

Watching Roy Hodgson walk down the tunnel leaving his players devastated on the field with their tails tucked between their legs was the sign of a man out of his depth, a fake who should never have been England Manager in the first place. He couldn't even figure out who his first eleven were, that aided to the downfall of England.

The England Supporters who put too much pressure on Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling are to blame for England's failure, who failed to support Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling when they needed it the most. Instead you put Joe Hart in a position where he feared failure because he knew you were all lining up to have him hung. You all viciously and cruelly singled out Sterling which effected his form, if anyone should take the blame for England's downfall it's Roy Hodgson and you guilty as sin and nasty piece of work England fans.

What Hodgson was doing picking an over the hill Wayne Rooney and playing him out of position says it all, just because United can't move on and end up playing the over hyped player in midfield, doesn't mean England can or should. It's not like England are short of Midfield options, this just shows Hodgson was in over his head. Not to mention the fact Rooney's United have failed to qualify for the Champions League the past few seasons, Choosing to play Gary Cahill who plays for Chelsea, a club who had failed miserably last season and ended up 10th in the Premier League. Chris Smalling also from United. it just goes to highlight how England are suffering from a lack of Center Backs that all we have to turn too is Cahill and Smalling.

Both defenders offering nothing in the way of protection, I strongly believe that it doesn't matter which Goalkeeper is behind the sticks for England. With the weak defence England have, God help any Goalkeeper who takes over from Joe Hart. England don't deserve Joe Hart and if I had my way, I'd convince Joe to quit International and concentrate on his domestic career.

Raheem Sterling has endured Liverpool fans attacking him and his family, he's had to endure England fans attacking him and now he's even been attacked and questioned by a section of Manchester City fans.

Well if you want someone to blame, look closer to home and take a look in the mirror scumbags.

If you are not one of those who have attacked England, Hart and Sterling then I commend you, you were clearly raised with morals and values, respect and common sense.

I commend Iceland for wanting the win more than we did, they battled hard for ever loose ball and gave their all. Just a shame our players couldn't offer the same amount of fight and commitment.

The rest of England's squad need to stand up and take their share of the blame, I doubt they will though as they are not man enough to do so in my opinion.

27 June 2016

Benjamin Garre confirms Manchester City are his preferred Destination, not Trafford or Barcelona.

Benjamin Garre will be joining Manchester City from Argentine Primera Division Velez Sarsfield, Manchester City are reported to have beaten FC Barcelona and Snubchester United to his signature. The 15 year old will join the City Football Academy after admitting on his Facebook page.

"I'm going after a dream, to one of the best academies in the world, with the conviction that my football will develop". "That a club like Manchester City is interested in me makes me proud and while I understand that some may see it as wrong, it is a challenge I have to take, thinking of my career."

I can only presume he's referring to Velez Sarsfield and their fans, he spent time training at Carrington with United in 2014 but Garre decided to not join United. FC Barcelona were also reported to have been after the lad.

He also spoke to Argentinian Radio station La Pelota al 10 saying:

"I won't let this opportunity with City pass. Every player dreams of it. It's a gift from God. Going to Manchester City was a great opportunity. I decided with my Family it was the best place to go."

He was born January 1st 2000, is a right footed Attacking Midfielder, claim the lad has a strong physique which is unusual at such a young age and has good ball control. Being at a young age there isn't much information about him outside of Velez Sarsfield.

Benjamin is the Grandson of Oscar Alfredo Garre, an Argentine Legend and Defender who won the 1986 World Cup.

Benjamin Garre wore the No10 shirt for Velez Sarsfield

Who is Joey Barton to judge Raheem Sterling? I'll tell you exactly who Barton is.

Who is Joey Barton?

Joey Barton is a jealous loser and a sore one at that who doesn't like Manchester City and will jump at any chance to have a dig.

Joey Barton was so good that not even Everton or Liverpool could bare to hold onto him, shunned by his own City of birth on both sides of the divide. So Manchester City took him in, gave him his chance at the big time and he couldn't even pull that off. He turned out to be nothing but a Bully and Journeyman.

He's best known for hacking down players and sparking brawls on the playing field, stubbing cigars as a senior player into eyes of youth academy players. Running people over and breaking their legs, assaulting a 15 year old football supporter. He's been arrested for assault and criminal damage, was given a four month suspended sentence for admitting assault with actual bodily harm on a fellow squad member and performed 200 hours of community service. The FA charged Barton with violent conduct more than 3 times, has a habit of punching and headbutting players. This was effectively the end of his career at Manchester City.

He went on to commit many more infringements and has collected many more red cards, I doubt that's about to stop either after signing for Glasgow Rangers. He will at some point face our young Patrick Roberts, I can only hope someone warns the lad of this nasty piece of work.

So who is Joey Barton to judge our Raheem Sterling, Sterling is 10 times the player and man that Joey Barton is. 1 international cap Barton says it all, this all seems very well timed as far Barton's concerned. Bitter that Manchester City gave up on him? He's showed his blatant disrespect for Manchester City in 2012 when he lashed out at Carlos Tevez and followed up with raking his studs down the back of Sergio Agueros leg resulting in being sent off, but he didn't stop there as he attempted to head butt Vincent Kompany.

I'm not going to repeat what Barton said about Sterling recently, as I don't believe he deserves his tripe being published here. I'll leave that for you to decide whether or not you want to Google his latest rant.

What I will say though is, Joey Bartons opinion is irrelevant. Doesn't matter what he thinks, all he is is a bitter and poor excuse for a footballer and human being.

So Joey Barton, if you read this, know that there are plenty of us out there who despise people like you, we disregard your opinion because it's hollow and without foundation. English football is much better off without players like you, may that last forever.

25 June 2016

#City Badge Mosaic, be part of it and upload your Photo, Cityzens Weekend is coming

Sunday the 3rd of July will be the official launch date of our returning too the new Circular badge, Manchester City are giving you the chance to be part of it. With a chance to share your best City fan Photo's to be in a City fan Mosaic.

On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July Manchester City FC open up the doors of their City Football Academy for a once in a lifetime chance to see behind the scenes.

On Saturday there will be a football extravaganza with skills activities for fans of all ages and tournaments taking part on the pitches. On Sunday there will be the launch of our new badge and 2016/17 home kit, as well as the official presentation to the fans of our first team manager Pep Guardiola.

Entry will be free but there will be priority access is for Cityzens members, with each member entitled to claim up to 2 tickets per day.

To upload your Photo and for more information click #City BadgeMosaic

24 June 2016

Guardiola slaps down England's boo brigade, no Rio for Iheanacho

The Times Henry Winter states that after England beat Wales, Pep Guardiola phoned Raheem Sterling to tell him "As long as you work hard for me, I'll fight for you". Guardiola went on to say "Keep your head up, don't worry, I know you're a big player and you're part of my plans".

Just the Pep talk Raheem Sterling required and going by the 11 goals and 10 assists Sterling produced in his first season for Manchester, I just can't see the lad going any other way than forwards under the guidance of the best Coach and Manager around today.

Guardiola stating "I know you're a big player" is about the biggest verbal slap in the face the England boo boys could of received, short of our Monarch exiling the wastes of oxygen too an uninhabited Island somewhere far far away. Although not spectacular Raheem Sterling had a good first season under a coach in Pellegrini who i believe held him back a little, now he will have an even bigger point to prove and have Guardiola backing him up at the same time.

Manchester City FC have apparently sent an official letter to the Nigerian Football Federation stating that Kelechi Iheanacho will not be available to star in the 2016 Rio Olympics which takes place between the 5th and 21st of August, which would mean Kelechi would effectively miss the friendly with Arsenal and the first 5 Premier League fixtures including Traffordster United, Sunderland, Stoke and West Ham.

As much as Iheanacho wants to win Gold with Nigeria, it's clear he's left with little choice. Even if he had the choice, it would mean letting Guardiola and City down or letting Nigeria down. So far Manchester have held firm and do not look like they will change their minds, I for one hope we don't and stand our ground for once. Too many times have we suffered after losing Yaya Toure to AFCON, too many times we have been dictated too by national coaches like Wilmots over Kompany for instance.

20 June 2016

Lack of defensive transfer news is positive, England's Boo Brigade are a disgrace to their country.

Raheem Sterling

The lack of defencive transfer target news would have worried me over the last few years but, today it represents a move forward for Manchester City FC. It shows we're not rushing in and making rash signings anymore, it means we're not going to necessarily sign a player early only for them to come back from a tournament with an injury. It means our club are forward thinking and are willing to take our time, not be pulled into a transfer bidding war or panic buy.

I'd have to say that's down to Guardiola's influence without any doubt, from what we understand of him now, he's not the type to tolerate someone like Chelsea's Russian owner Roman Abramovich dictating who a club buys and sells. I'm not convinced that Pellegrini had much influence in transfer targets himself, I think he relied on scouts and other club employee's to get him what he needed.

I'm not convinced either that Mangala or Otamendi were of Manuel Pellegrini's choosing, my belief is that he sanctioned their signings but had little in scouting them. As much as it pains me to say, the likes of Alex Ferguson and great coaches before him actually knew how to spot real talent. This is one reason why I think Pep Guardiola is currently the best Coach in Europe if not the world, he has the experience of working at all levels from youth to senior professional Football. Something the likes of Jose Mourinho lacks, there's only one Coach with European pedigree who could take us to another level and that was, is Josep Guardiola Sala.

England's boo brigade are an utter disgrace to English football, those minority who have attacked Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling are more than likely a majority of Liverpool and Man United fans, with the odd fan or two from the ranks Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Southampton's fan bases. All have the agenda of wanting their players picked for England's first eleven over Hart and Sterling.

Too stupid to realise their bias idiocy is causing England more harm than good, along with the British Media they have destroyed Raheem Sterling's confidence. It's rather pathetic that Pundits like Thierry Henry and Steve McManaman have taken this long to come out in defence of Sterling, an almost empty gesture on the Media's part. It's like shouting at an empty stadium after the act has been committed and the culprits are gone, even Jamie Carragher tried to act unbiased by talking about how Sterling needs to get his confidence back after he unjustly judged the lad.

Even some Manchester City fans are claiming that Sterling has had a bad season? FOR REAL? are you freaking serious?

In his last season for Liverpool he scored 11 goals and created 10 assists, in his FIRST season for Manchester City he scored 11 goals and created 10 assists. He did that in 5 less games while moving to an entire new alien City, while being hounded by the British Media and lynch mobbed by Liverpool fans. Experiencing his Girlfriend and Daughter being threatened and abused by Liverpool fans on Social Media, all at a young age. And now he's got England fans making him a scapegoat out of bitterness and jealousy.

Raheem Sterling is a success, maybe not a spectacular season, maybe not world class but, he's far from a waste of money or a failure.

English Football may have stamped out Racism but it still has it's fair share of problems.

17 June 2016

Segregation, one reason why England will never win a World Cup or European Championship any time soon

Roy Hodgson and Raheem Sterling

It's depressing watching your fellow countrymen and women round on certain England Internationals at every possible chance they get, we all know it's nothing to do with one bad performance or one mistake. We all know it's about opposing fans wanting their players playing for England, rather than players of clubs they hate. This English football fan mentality is what's wrong with English International football, when you're supporting your country you're supposed to put your differences aside and support whoever it is that represents the Country. But no some, I say some but not all are so bitter and hateful, that they're incapable of understanding that their actions have consequences.

I recently published an article on how Sterling has been treated by England fans since leaving Liverpool and signing for Manchester City. I strongly believe there's a considerable amount of England fans hell bent on causing Raheem Sterling enough grief to negatively affect his game and mental well being. Sterling's still a young lad is vulnerable and these England fans just don't care, so who's going to stand up for the lad aye?

As of yet no ones defended the lad accept a few of us City fans, the British Media have strung him up and lash him at every chance they get. I can only imagine how that feels for the lad, especially after he was lynched by Liverpool fans. I'm a father and I have to say, if anyone threatened my Son like Liverpool fans did his Daughter, I'd be more than upset. For those fans to continue attacking Sterling is just wrong, what's to say the treatment he's getting isn't part of the reason for his performances for England or lack of.

It's all well and good having an opinion but, when it comes to constantly targeting someone. It's no longer an opinion but an obsession and an unhealthy one at that, especially when it's constantly negative and without good reason. I'm not trying to change the world, I'm well aware the world will never be without, hate, racism or prejudice. If I can just make one person see the error of their ways then great.

Every England fan should be behind England no matter who is representing the country, the fact these lost souls chose to attack Raheem Sterling and Joe Hart rather than enjoy the fact England drew one and won one. This proves that there are still deep issues within the English fan base despite wiping out Racism within English Football, segregation is still very much alive and kicking.

England can not succeed without every ones support, when you single out people it only causes problems. Not just for the player being targeted but also for the players around him. Those who witness and wonder whether or not they will the be next to be put on the chopping block or hung from the rafters. Players will claim they don't let it bother or affect them but, that isn't the case as they are human just like us, have feelings and we can only take so much before we say enough is enough

I'm not a huge fan of Roy Hodgson but he has my respect for sticking with Sterling.

15 June 2016

A Tough December For Manchester City, Nolito Rumour Just Doesn't Add Up?


The Premier League fixtures are out and it looks like we have a pretty balanced season until we hit December, meeting Chelsea on the 3rd followed by Leicester City on the 10th, Watford 4 days later on the 14th, 3 days after Watford on the 14th, we play Arsenal on the 17th, Hull city on the 26th and finally Liverpool on the 31st. Other than December the only other tough run is sandwiched between March and April so Pep Guardiola shouldn't have a problem hitting the ground running. Over the last few days we've been linked with Spanish International Nolito currently on International duty with David Silva, two Spanish Journalists Manu Carreño and Quim Domènech Puigbó released statements that Manchester City want to sign the 29 year old Winger. When questioned about the speculation Nolito declared he knew nothing of the interest from Manchester City, that he's only concentrating on Euro 2016. It remains to be seen whether or not this is just another no story but looking at the facts, I just don't see it happening.

The first problem is he's 29 and Manchester City already have enough senior players in our ranks. Next is his transfer fee, Mundo Deportivo are saying Manchester City's offering him a 4 year contract and the release clause from Celta de Vigo is around £14 million. Now 3 and half million per year seems reasonable but, he's 29 and I I just don't see us getting 4 good years out of him. In our clubs experience very few players produce consistently after the age of 31, we could probably count on two hands how many have for us. He's a late bloomer and that also sounds the bell, when we already have a young proven goal scorer in our ranks in Kelechi Iheanacho. I just don't see us signing Nolito, especially considering we are apparently signing Leroy Sane who also can play on both flanks. It makes more sense that we sign younger rather than older. On that note Nolito would be an upgrade on Jesus Navas but, not enough of an upgrade for £14 million so Leroy Sane is definitely the signing for us.

13 June 2016

Athletic Bilbao Tweets Suspicious Laporte Announcement?

Athletic Bilbao Badge

Athletic Bilbao announced today that Aymeric Laporte has signed a new contract but that is not what I found suspicious, what I find suspect is that they announced the fee of his new buyout close as well. Why would they do that? there's obviously an intention behind it and I suspect a greedy intention at that. Call me paranoid but I smell a rat and I don't mean the smell coming from Trafford, Athletic were not in any rush to offer Aymeric a new deal before the transfer window opened or before Manchester City showed their hand.

 I believe as soon as Athletic Bilbao witnessed Manchester City were serious, they decided to get Aymeric Laporte to sign a new deal so that if they sold him they would be getting over the odds but. If they fail to make a sale then they equally get to keep a good defender so it's win win for them. On that note and if true then I want Manchester City to walk away, Aymeric Laporte isn't worth £70 million and the time of City paying over the odds should be long gone.

You can keep him for £70 Million

Sport ES's Gerard Romero Claims Manchester City Have Signed Leroy Sane?

Leroy Sane

Sport Espania's Gerard Romero has broke the news that Manchester City have completed signing of  German International Leroy Sane from German club Shalke 04 after Euro 2016

Of course until we hear it from an official source aka Manchester City, Shalke, the player himself or his representatives, then it's just talking heads.

But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a bit of Leroy Sane on Youtube right?

Slow Messi, The Legend Who Turned City Into European Heavyweights

Slow Messi as Mario Balotelli describes him, David Silva has almost won it all. Merlin is the proud owner of the Charity Shield, Capital One Cup, FA Cup, 2 Premier League title medals, 1 World Cup medal and what could be his 3rd European Championship medal if Spain can go on to win this years European Championship.

Silva as far as I'm concerns is up there with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the only difference is he's chosen to really make history. Rather than be surrounded by an entire squad of World Cup winners or players at the top of their game, that's not taking anything away from my club City. And this isn't the first time this has happened to City, before David Silva there was Georgi Kinkladze. We all know David Silva could have walked straight into Barcelona or Real Madrid, but he didn't not once push for a move.

Without Silva Manchester City may well have never risen as quickly as we have back to the summit of English football, recently he's been the target for Arsenal fans and the British Media. Used as a bench mark for judge other players, but Arsenal fans always have to go one further and claim their beloved Ozil's a better player. Yeah ok the lad may have won the World Cup recently and been in a team of already world class stars as a passenger, but he's got nothing on David Silva.

Merlin is about to be confirmed as one of Spain's greatest ever players, when he walks out at the Stadium De Toulouse against the Czech Republic in what will be his 100th Cap for La Roja. This is one game I'm never going to miss, despite being an Englishman. Arsenal fans are painting it was City Vs Arsenal due to Petr Cech and Tomas Rosicky, got to love those funny little Gooners as I think they've forgotten that they have 3 Spanish Internationals at their club also.

If there's two things I hope for out of football right now, it's for Spain to defeat the Czech Republic at 2pm today for Silva, and for Pep Guardiola to lead Silva and Manchester City to the Champions League trophy. This is exactly why I wanted Pellegrini sacked last season and Guardiola in, because we have players who deserve a Champions League winners medal in Joe Hart, Vinny Kompany, Sergio Aguero, Pablo Zabaleta and David Silva. They have done so much for Manchester City so it's the least they deserve, for the service they have given to date. I will be gutted if Zabaleta moves on before we win the Champions League, I say before because I believes it's only a matter of time.

I also have to add David Silva is 16 appearances away from having played 200 matches for Manchester City, so this season is a huge season for our Wizard Merlin. Will you be watching the game and cheering on Silva?

Kickoff at 2pm

11 June 2016

England Fans Booing And Attacking Raheem Sterling Are Embarrassing, Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

It's quite pathetic if you look at it with clear understanding, the first time England fans started jeering and booing Raheem Sterling was after he signed for Manchester City. So the England fans doing so from the start have a hidden agenda and are more than likely Liverpool fans. Any other England fan joining in are just opportunistic crowd following embarrassments. I'm English and an England fan and I have to say it's embarrassing, foremost I'm a Manchester City fan if you hadn't already guessed. While the likes of Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville took to the field for England I put aside my issues because they were England players and not United players. You can point to the fact Sterling hasn't performed well enough but, I'll point to the fact you aren't jeering and booing the other England players who have under performed just as much if not worse.

What about Wayne Rooney aye, how long did it take before he performed in any World Cup? Never. But England fans never get on his back like the way they're doing with Sterling, this is clear and blatant bitter and envious opportunism of the highest order and you should be ashamed of yourselves. That includes the likes of bitter Arsenal fan Piers Morgan with his pathetic tweets or Betting Company Corals opportunistic smart ass tweets. Yes every ones entitled to their opinion but, there's such a thing as taking it too far. Like Liverpool fans threatening Sterling's young Daughter and his Girlfriend on Twitter, the British Media on his back all the time.

Constantly pointing too his transfer fee and claiming he's under performed for Manchester City. When in fact Sterling matched his 11 goals and 10 assists record he set at previous club Liverpool with Manchester City the season just gone, despite playing 5 less matches and scoring slightly more in the Champions League. The low lives need to get off Sterling's back and stop embarrassing England, England have enough to deal with via the British Media without the fans turning on our players. Should be ashamed of yourselves.

Copa America: City Boys Otamendi and Aguero On Fire For Argentina Vs Panama

Our boys are on fire, Nicolas Otamendi kicked off the game by heading in the first in spectacular style. Wait what did I just say? well even before this goal was scored I must say, I hope Guardiola keeps hold of Otamendi because he will come good with a better partner than an aged Demichelis or over rated Mangala. Sergio Aguero came off the bench to also score with his head, off the Bench? what the hell is he doing on the bench in the first place? seriously.

Score ended 5 - 0, Otamendi 1, Messi 3, Aguero 1 Comon City, sign Lionel Messi

10 June 2016

Their Obsession With Manchester City Is Entertaining, Rivals Are Running Scared, Banter Or Contempt.

Their obsession with Manchester City is comical, what is it that makes Arsenal, Chelsea and McTraffordster Uniteds fans and players amongst others so bitter, envious and or obsessive?

We've seen Newcastle and Everton fans in the past vent their bitterness when Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan purchased our club, they declared it should have been their clubs and not Manchester City, relations between Newcastle and Manchester City became worse over night upon Nigel Dejong accidentally breaking the leg of Hate Ben Arfa. The fan fuelled fallout turned into a lynch mob intent on destroying the career of Dejong resulting in his International career temporarily cut short.

It's well documented that we apparently don't deserve to be in the Champions League, don't deserve our status at the top of English football. Apparently we bought our way to the top and as a matter of fact, we actually did buy our way to the top of English football.

In fact every professional football club in the world bought or are trying to buy their way to success or survival, there's not one professional club in the world who are not or have not. They all purchase players with cold hard cash, they all pay those players wages. Point me in the direction of one Professional Football club who aren't a business, who don't run on an income and, or do not pay their employees a wage.

Obsession, Bitterness and Envy are the subjects and the next group are Arsenal, their fans are extremely bitter and obsessive, even more so recently than McTraffordster United fans. Manchester City have purchased a few Arsenal players over time aka Patrick Vieira, Emmanuel Adebayor, Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri who is bitterly hated by the Gooners, they don't seem too pleased about it at all. A couple of the Arsenal blogger's can't help but mention us in 1 in every 3 articles they publish, they equally hate us for our club challenging their status as a top four club.

Even Liverpool fans have got in on the act, I mean I wouldn't dream of challenging Liverpool's status. They are after all one of if not the most famous English club around, but even they achieved their success with cold hard cash. I'd put their contempt merely down to the fact we beat them to the title recently, which has been compounded by the transfer of one Raheem Sterling.

United's fan base are famous for their bitterness towards us, most notably on the last anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster and Manchester Derby. Their club and blogger's stated publicly that they expected Manchester City fans to disrespect the anniversary and occasion at Old Trafford, the day was widely televised. The stage was set and the world was watching on, what was to happen next was to change history. The world finally realised United were a wolf in sheep's clothing. The Manchester City faithful louder than ever, respected the occasion as they always do. After all the Munich Air Disaster wasn't just United's loss like they pretend it is, Manchester City lost a Manchester City legend in Frank Swift, also City legend Sir Matt Busby a survivor. United fans are also bitter because we challenge their status. All they cared about in 2015/16 was beating us to fourth spot, the fact they were in an FA Cup final meant nothing to them while the opportunity to beat us to Champions League football was still a possibility. Slowly but surely Manchester City have taken the United fans book of material and ripped page by page out, rewound back the banner they proudly hung at Old Trafford declaring how long it was since we had won the title and shown the world that Manchester City are back in business, are here and never went away. Right now all they have left to taunt us with is their 20 titles, 1 Champions League trophy and the history that the majority weren't even around to witness most of. It's only a matter of time before we win the Champions League and even now footage of our history's being unearthed.

But most recently it's Chelsea fans who are now upset? Have joined the ranks of the bitters in claiming we haven't earned our status but rather bought it. They justify why they are a different case by saying, they were already an established top 4 club in the Premier League. But my counter argument too that is that, we were once just as big a club as Man United, were once successful. So the fact our club hit hard times and struggled through the last so many decades means we deserve our renewed status less? Just to remind everyone to a few facts, we as a club fought our way back to the top of English football. We went into administration and had to auction our playing staff off too rival clubs, went through decades of rising and falling from the championship to the 3rd division. Before we were taken over by Thaksin Shinawatra and sold to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, we fought our way back into the top 10 of the Barclay's Premier League. If any club deserves to be where we are now more than anyone else, it's Manchester City FC. The only reason your clubs got there first and enjoyed decades of success was, because you all had sugar daddies, big investment to help achieve that success. I use the term help because I acknowledge the fact, a business still has to be run properly despite the large amount of investment.

The most recent voice to join the ranks is Chelsea's Pedro, there's a growing trend with these guys queueing up to question, predict Guardiola and how he will fair in English football. The ludicrous part is the other side of the coin, he has also said Jose Mourinho is a great manager and have backed him to succeed at United? Obviously he's pointing to the fact Guardiola is unproven in the Barclay's Premier League, as well as the fact Jose Moronho has proven himself already in the same league.

That's all well and good but what he fails to acknowledge is, that Jose Mourinho took the Barclay's Premier League Champions. The very same squad that won it, and turned them into mid table survivors. The very same Jose Mourinho has left Chelsea FC in £1.1 billion of debt which doesn't even include Dr Carneiro's compensation after he turned her life upside down and got her unlawfully sacked for his own incompetence. he also fails to acknowledge that right now United are unable to compete with debt free Manchester City, United still in around £300 million debt with a dated and struggling academy after they neglected it, requiring Manchester City to turn up and create a successful multi million pound academy complex, to realise where they went wrong but it seems to me like it's too little too late.

The arrival of Pep Guardiola has certainly turned up the heat for sure, as of yet they are reluctant to take us seriously. You'd think the City Football Academy and the fact we reached the Semi Finals of the Champions League would make them take us serious but. The truth is they just don't want to take us serious, so until we our club lifts the Champions League trophy we won't be seeing any change. Even then they will point to our owner and investment, despite the fact we are no longer financed by our owner. Our club is now finally financially stable and self sustaining. Over the last 2 seasons City have turned a profit and that will only continue, Manchester City's the 6th highest revenue generating club in Europe and we pay our players less than Chelsea and Man United.

The truth is there is no easy game and not one club in the Premier League can be underestimated, there's strong competition for the title now and even more so when the TV revenue is released. Guardiola may well find it tough but, he's in a far stronger position than any other Premier League coach right now. With the best Academy in England to pick and a blank cheque book to utilise, his own reputation and the added power of no other club knowing what his moves are before he makes them. The most respected coach on the planet by players and he has it all, the prime opportunity to prove to the world he really is the best coach in Europe if not the world.

So is their obsession and bitterness justified, for whatever reason I put this down to being part of football. It doesn't really matter how bitter and obsessive they are, all that matters is that they are. It's a strong indicator that we as a club and fan base are getting under their skin, not to mention telling us we are moving in the right direction. After decades of goading and taunting it's a refreshing change, I think it's only going to get more interesting.

But there's one fundamental thing I have to keep telling myself, don't become one of them. Stay true to Manchester City and myself, don't drop to the level of arrogance and ignorance that they project. Don't cross the fine line between banter and contempt, we have much to look forward too, and I'm particularly looking forward to who Guardiola will sign and how we will setup and play next season.

Manchester City Players Released By The Club According To The Premier League

Manchester City FC have submitted their list of players to the Premier League and the released players are:

Martin Demichelis
Richard Wright
Sam Tattum
Charlie Albinson
Nathaniel Oseni

This is our City would like to thank Martin and Richard for their service and wish all the released players the very best for the future.

See the full list of retained and released Here

8 June 2016

Guardiola Has Enough Youth Quality To Prop Up Manchester City's First Team Squad

16 year old Brahim Diaz

Much emphasis has been put on Pep Guardiola's preference to play with a small squad of 14 to 15 players by the media, we all know for an elite English club to survive at the top and succeed a big squad is required. A prime example would be our 2015/16 season, we were in the later stages of all four competitions aka the FA Cup, Capital One Cup, Premier League and Champions League and no other English club could boast that feat BUT. As a result of that we suffered many injuries, injuries to key players might I add including Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne and Vincent Kompany. All three of those players were injured against Everton FC over multiple matches, something I won't go into now but lets just say no one got punished for it at Everton.

Along with the injuries I believe fatigue also played it's part in Manchester City coming up short and dropping out of the FA Cup, along with the Premier League refusing to reschedule our matches to help us in Europe. So considering the issues that prevented us from a possible treble winning campaign with 2 players in every position to call upon, could 15 senior players go that far or exceed what 23 players could not. In 2015/16 we played with 23 players, one of which was Kelechi Iheanacho while providing a handful of EDS youth players bench duty or brief cameo appearances.

Could Pep Guardiola be successful with just 15 senior squad members?  We all know Spanish and German football are not as demanding as English football so is it possible? Will Pep cut our senior player list down to 15? And what would need to happen if he did?

Well much pressure would be put on our youth system, something Pep has done at both Barcelona and Bayern Munich. As most other City fans do, I want to see homegrown talent from our academy in our first team. The current rules dictate we should have but, who are capable of breaking into our first team under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City and who would City fans most likely want to see?

The players I believe are ready to step up are Brandon Barker, Tosin Adarabioyo, Jason Denayer, Bersant Celina, Aleix Garcia and Manuel Garcia, I'd say Brahim Diaz but despite stepping up to EDS level he's still only 16. If I were Guardiola though I'd give Diaz his chances in the Capital One Cup and FA Cup, I believe all these players are ready to step up and take their chances. That counts two defenders and four midfielders, we are all more than well aware now that Guardiola loves his midfielders according to the media. So that's six youngsters which can be added to the already 15 supposed seniors totaling 21.

Of all those young players, the two that stand out the most for seasoned Mancunian City fans are Brandon Barker and Tosin Adarabioyo, both born Mancunians so there's nothing more we would like to see than those two succeed and become great players for our club. All these players are technically gifted and have been drilled hard in the way of keeping the ball and running at opposing players with the exception of Jason Denayer as he only spent the 2013/14 season with us at youth level before going out on loan, that should not be an issue though as he still has two years experience playing for Celtic then Galatasaray. Whether he makes the grade under Guardiola remains to be seen but, I have high hopes for the lad.

There are other gifted talent in our ranks aka Sinan Bytyqi, Aaron Nemane and Kean Bryan, have all impressed over the course of their City careers at youth level. So even if Guardiola does cut our senior numbers down to 15, we can quite easily accommodate although the more likely scenario will be that Pep goes with slightly more senior players at around 17 or 18.

What's even more exciting is that I haven't even mentioned our U15 and U18 talent and they are taking the youth scene by storm.

So only time will tell what happens but, what an intriguing time we find ourselves in. What do you think will happen? What are your hopes for the new season under Pep?

7 June 2016

Jose and Zlatan Just A Side Show, Guardiola Is Centre Stage, Barcelona Tapping Up Rumoured City Targets Laporte And Bellerin


When we finally thought English football was well and truly rid of the biggest egotistical coach in the form of Jose Mourinho after Chelsea first parted company, the same Chelsea brought him back again so he could leave them in even more debt and trouble. Languishing mid table after winning the Premier League title the season before and in £1.1 billion debt. Finally we were rid of the egotist again, or so we thought? Roll up Roll up, along comes the biggest egotistical club on the planet aka Man United, or more happily known to me as McTraffordster United or McDonaldster United, take your pick. It just had to be them didn't it?

So now we are lumbered with yet more of the Jose Mourinho show BUT, it doesn't stop there, now we have the most egotistical coach back in English football again, they just have to go one further and try sign the biggest egotistical player on the planet. I mean this player is soooooo egotistical that he thinks he's a son of God. Not once has he ever won the Champions League with any of the big Champions League clubs he's played for, yet he claims he's up there with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. This guy likes to talk and talk he does, recently and insultingly claiming in an interview that Pep Guardiola isn't a man. Big talk coming from probably the most egotistical player on the planet to ever exist, I seem to remember well, Zlatan aggressively getting in the face of our Joe Hart not long ago unprovoked.

Seems he didn't like losing to Joe Hart and Manchester City FC in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League. So if the transfer goes through we City fans can look forward to some fireworks. Rather fitting club for the two biggest egotists in World Football, even their fans are arrogant egotists. And we can look forward to the best coach in World football officially taking the reigns on the 1st of July 2016, later unveiled to Manchester City fans on the 3rd at what will be a packed stadium after the club sold out of season cards. With our wage bill down by £6.2 million too £193.8 million for 2015/16 from the prior season, lower than both Chelsea and Man United. While Manchester City climb to 6th in the European Club revenue table at £463.5 million for 2015, only bettered by FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Man United and PSG. Only £56 million short of United's revenue for 2015, with United playing Thursday night Europa League football and Manchester City FC in the Champions League with Pep Guardiola.

It's inevitable and only a matter of time before we catch up and take over. That said United are just an after thought these days, all their fans ever do is spout the usual regurgitated nonsense and cling on to their clubs history. A history might I add that most of them are both ignorant too and uneducated by, I've come across many a fan bragging about history they weren't even born to experience. Witnessed many a United fan happy to throw the 20 titles around but hadn't got a single clue who Harry Stafford were unless they Wiki'd him. Bang on about how our players are mercenaries and only play for the money and not the badge, about how we didn't earn our status. They forget or are ignorant to the fact their club once hung by a thread of a winding up order and a bunch of sugar daddies saved the club from going under, resulting in large amounts of cash ploughed into their club to achieve glory, that's right Man United didn't earn their history through blood, sweat and tears, at least our fans for the last 3 decades have sweat blood and tears to get too where we are now.

From day one of football, clubs have been run by injections of cash ploughed in by businesses and benefactors. Back in the day I just about tolerated them, lets face it we had no choice but too. These days I find them both pitiful and highly amusing, since that 2012 title win won in the best possible way as far as I'm concerned. I had the weight of football lifted from my shoulders, 30 odd years of loyal support rewarded in the one Agueeerrrroooooo moment. That United Banner rewound felt like euphoria, I couldn't help but cry. I had no time too laugh at United, although I took some amusement out of the Sunderland fans cheering for us.

 Now it's about enjoying the moment and watching my club play on the biggest stage of all, it doesn't matter that we lose so long as we lose with pride. So long as we turn up and give a good account of ourselves, I think most City fans think the same way. That one moment in 2012 made up for the decades under their taunting and shadow, I couldn't care less about them now. I can't wait for the new season to start, for Guardiola to start working his magic. What happens in the Borough of Trafford is of no concern to me, they are a bunch of nobodies until Derby day.

Witnessing Leicester City win the league must have really hurt United and their fans especially after losing out to us again on the last day of the season BUT, seeing the likes of Leicester City with us in the Champions League while they cope with the Europa League must be even harder to take.

Oh Happy Days, Oh Happy Daaaaaaaays.

According too El Confidential, Barcelona's Sporting Director Roberto Fernandez has been using under hand tactics to try beat Manchester City and Guardiola too Arsenal's Hector Bellerin and Athletico Bilbao's Aymeric Laporte. Alleging he's made contact with the Defenders without the permission of their present clubs.

Remains to be seen whether this rumour is true but it won't take long before it's confirmed or denied, what we can be sure of is. Barcelona have previous for tapping up players, most notably youth players from other clubs resulting in sanctions.