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Ill never question why, Im City til I die!

18 April 2014

Our Season Still A Success Despite Loss to Clattenburg FC And Possibly No Title

It doesn't get any more simple than the fact luck ran out on us, unlucky that Micah Richards would clash with our captain Kompany in training. Unlucky that Yaya would depart with an injury at the most important point in our title chasing campaign, Unlucky that we had our top goal scorer out for most of the season, I honestly believe that if Aguero never got injured he would have blown Sturridge and Suarez away and we may have well have already wrapped up the title.

Come the end of the season if it wasn't to be then we can thank one person for that, his name is Mark Clattenburg who has to be the worst referee to ever officiate for the English top flight. If anyone it was Clattenburg that beat Manchester City and not Liverpool, if they win the title Liverpool can thank their lucky stars Clattenburg helped them win it. 

Keys decisions that went against Manchester City were the failed sending off of Luis Suarez for diving, after an initial yellow card for a prior offence. The failed booking of Sakho for his dangerous tackle on Dzeko, resulting in no penalty despite the fact Dzeko went down easy to avoid an injury.

Then there was Henderson's two footed challenge on Milner which was absolutely disgraceful despite Henderson making contact with the ball. It was clear to see Henderson was intending to follow through on Milner, as he quietly fist punched the air with a 'take that' expression.  This is one reason why the likes of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales will never achieve anything, English, British players have no respect for each other's well being and allow loyalty to their club to cloud their better judgement.

And last but not least the dirtiest player currently plying his trade in the top flight, step up to the plate Mr Skrtel. How he gets away with it all the time is beyond baffling, it's like watching UFC and football at the same time. Then came the blatant hand ball incident where he punched the ball away from Garcia if I recall correctly, thus resulting in a second penalty call that Clattenburg failed to officiate correctly.

But at the end of the day apparently these things even themselves out during the course of a season, something I'm not quite sure is true when at times it can cost a club a title or survival but hey ho there you go.

On the upside we're about to smash Man  United's 51 year old record set by the Busby Babes, all we need is two more goals and we enter the record book as the club who scored the most goals in a single season.

We have some promising young players about to try break into the first team over the next season or two, most notably Dutch Left Central Defender Karim Rekik,  should Clichy or Kolarov depart, or if Lescott leaves and we don't replace him then Rekik will do just fine. Welsh Midfielder Emyr Huws also, Huws will count towards our home grown quota and has impressed of late and looks a promising young player indeed.

Poor officiating continues to be something that is top of my agenda to date, but I'm not going to let them ruin the entire season for me and I'll look on the bright side instead as should you. I just hope our club can weed out the weak ones and replace with competent, name no names and excluding those who have had horrid times with injury.

Mistakes were made and our luck ran out but the title fight is not over yet and there's still hope, so I'll prepare myself for next season while I watch the end of the show but should we fail to top the league there's always next season.

With that covered I must say Brendan  Rodgers claims that Liverpool are doing it the right way are both naive, ignorant and unintelligent to say the least. Liverpool have spent millions over the last so many seasons under the radar of Chelsea, Manchester City & Man United. IF they win the title then to suggest they won it the right way, would be ludicrously incorrect and ignorant. In fact once they qualify for the Champions League, I'll be watching how they cope with the FFP considering the financial mess they are in off the field.

Until then lets enjoy the fact our owner has helped us take yet another step towards financial sustainability with the development of our EDS and Under 18's teams flourishing with top young talent.

Improved progression in Europe, yet another season of Champions League football. A League Cup in the cabinet, A good manager in Mr Pellegrini who has had a full season to work out who does and who doesn't cut the mustard. Two competent men at the helm who know what they're doing and continue to improve us, as well as our stadium being built larger to accommodate growing demand for season cards and still our fans get more value for money than any other club in the country.

It's only a matter of time before we get it right without the help of luck and with the ability to beat official's like Clattenburg and Co on a regular basis.

P.s. If you think Sturridge is good, wait until you see who else we've produced at youth level.