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28 September 2014

The Return Of The Real Edin Dzeko?

He always seemed to get pushed over easily by poor centre-backs in the Premier League. At the start of the season I was wondering why we signed him too a new four year deal and not sell his sorry backside too some German or Italian team that wanted him. I would have much rather we keep Negredo despite his slump in form, than keep Dzeko since he barely ever gives 100 percent, was always looking for fouls and was making mistakes constantly.

But today he showed me why we signed him until 2018, he's a top class forward when he wants to be and always seems to come up trumps in big games. Although he has his slumps and spurts he always shows up in crucial games.

Ex. v QPR Dezko scored the goal to make it 2-2

Ex. v Southampton Dezko scored a goal to make it 3-1 in a tight game that led us closer to title against a sharp Southampton side full of English promise.

Ex. v Crystal Palace Dezko scored and makes it 2-0 put us in front against Liverpool and into cruise control for the title.

Ex. v Everton Dezko scored another brace against Everton in the race for the title, a crucial game, was the last tough test in the title race

Ex. Dezko scored a brace against a stubborn Aston Villa side to win 4-0 which got us closer to the title.

Ex. Dezko gave us the lead against Hull 3-2 and scored a brace on the day to help us win a scrappy away game.

Hopefully this is start of the real Edin Dzeko and he can keep on scoring for fun.