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Guardiola slaps down England's boo brigade, no Rio for Iheanacho

The Times Henry Winter states that after England beat Wales, Pep Guardiola phoned Raheem Sterling to tell him "As long as you work hard for me, I'll fight for you". Guardiola went on to say "Keep your head up, don't worry, I know you're a big player and you're part of my plans".

Just the Pep talk Raheem Sterling required and going by the 11 goals and 10 assists Sterling produced in his first season for Manchester, I just can't see the lad going any other way than forwards under the guidance of the best Coach and Manager around today.

Guardiola stating "I know you're a big player" is about the biggest verbal slap in the face the England boo boys could of received, short of our Monarch exiling the wastes of oxygen too an uninhabited Island somewhere far far away. Although not spectacular Raheem Sterling had a good first season under a coach in Pellegrini who i believe held him back a little, now he will have an even bigger point to prove and Guardiola backing him up at the same time.

Manchester City FC have apparently sent an official letter to the Nigerian Football Federation stating that Kelechi Iheanacho will not be available to star in the 2016 Rio Olympics which takes place between the 5th and 21st of August, which would mean Kelechi would effectively miss the friendly with Arsenal and the first 5 Premier League fixtures including Traffordster United, Sunderland, Stoke and West Ham.

As much as Iheanacho wants to win Gold with Nigeria, it's clear he's left with little choice. Even if he had the choice, it would mean letting Guardiola and City down or letting Nigeria down. So far Manchester have held firm and do not look like they will change their minds, I for one hope we don't and stand our ground for once. Too many times have we suffered after losing Yaya Toure to AFCON, too many times we have been dictated too by national coaches like Wilmots over Kompany for instance.