Ill never question why, Im City til I die!

25 May 2015

This is our City's Message To Real Madrid CF Concerning Sergio Aguero

Message to Real Madrid CF concerning Sergio Aguero or any other of our star player like David Silva, Joe Hart etc etc etc, and this goes for any other club sniffing at our door for our best.

Joe Hart, David Silva, Pablo Zabaleta, Sergio Aguero are not for sale, we don't need to sell and we don't need your money. Not even if you offered us £250 million, Sergio Aguero is priceless.

11 May 2015

Best Wishes To Queens Park Rangers FC, A Time For Reflection, Not Over Excitement

As positive as beating a troubled Queens Park Rangers by 6 goals is, too our fight for automatic Champions League qualification, I feel the need to dumb the result down.

After all we were playing a side with the useless big mouth Joey Barton taking up valuable space, a very good job well done by our lads. But the extremely over excited tweets I've witnessed from City fans on Twitter (I hate Twitter by the way) after the match prompted this.

It's hardly the time to start raving and shouting about the score line, David Silva and Sergio Aguero have always been electric in an otherwise poor season. Yes I know but we're in 2nd place, if unfortunate then maybe 3rd by the end of the season you may say. But to start accepting that as successful, is to become an under achieving Arsenal. If we were still the City of old I'd accept the position we're in right now as successful, but we are not the City of old and we should look to criticise ourselves to use it as a spring board and improve. Even our fan base can improve in certain aspects, do those attending matches look at themselves as much as they do our club? Why just a singing section?, why not make the entire stadium (minus the disabled and family section) a singing section?

Wanting better and expecting better for our club is not arrogance, a winner pushes the boundaries and sets a high bar.

Lets face facts that we came up against a Queens Park Rangers side in trouble, if the news is to be believed they are in financial turmoil also. We've been there many times before so know the pressure first hand, it wasn't exactly going to be a tough game for us with all due respect to QPR.

In all honesty it's a bit of a shame it was City that had to condemn them to relegation, Joey Barton aside I wish they weren't relegated and believe he should be he first person they get rid of immediately. If anyone's a bad egg then he's top of the pile.

I just want to wish Queens Park Rangers all the best for the future and hope that they will be back with a bang soon. Shame it wasn't MancDonaldster United instead, they could do with a dose of relegation pie.

With that said well done to our lads, but you need to keep winning now until the end. Excited for Sergio Aguero's well deserved Golden Boot, extremely disappointed Silva and Aguero didn't get a look in for Premier League team of the year, but then it is a stupid award run by stupid people anyhow so no biggy.

Hopefully we can kick on and take some momentum into next season with some top class fresh faces and an injection of our own youth lighting up the Etihad.