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9 June 2015

3 June 2015

Opinion: Sepp Blatter And Why He Resigned, Russia And Qatar Should Lose World Cup Rights

It's blatantly obvious why he resigned now rather than cling on to his throne of power, he clearly thought buying Africa, Asia and Russia would protect him. There was one slight problem though, The FBI and the Swiss Authorities arrests of 7 of the highest FIFA officials under Sepp Blatter.

It was at the request of US authorities according to reports, and they are awaiting extradition to the United States to stand trial. Here's the interesting part that really tells the story. Those 7 former FIFA officials arrested will be at the mercy of the FBI once Extradited, meaning Sepp Blatter knew it is only a matter of time before he is arrested also.

How can one man not know that all the officials under him were breaking the law and accepting bribes?, it is absolutely impossible for Blatter not to know. I remember the first time I ever declared that I believed FIFA to be corrupt and bare in mind the home of football hadn't hosted a World Cup since 1966.

I was born in 1975 and the first time I believed FIFA were corrupt, were Italia90, when Italian football was as corrupt as FIFA themselves. Italy were not unlike FIFA, also allowed to get away with it for a very long time, in fact it wasn't until 2006 that the Italian's met their maker 2006 Italian football scandal.

Back then I wasn't much of a national fan to be honest, due to being a City fan and seeing McDonaldster United's players dominate the English national side, it kind of lost it's way with me. After all England were never going to win anything with that bunch of over hyped lot were they, I was more interested in Girls and Adventure and the fact England still haven't done that well to date only proved I was right. On that note though I believe our youth will one day lift the World Cup again.

The first time I actually put an England shirt on was funnily enough 2006 when Italy was ousted and Germany was awarded as 2006 World Cup hosts, did you know Germany have hosted the World Cup prior to that in 1974 as West Germany? That's right they've hosted it twice TWICE. I was empowered to start supporting my country because of that fact and the fact I disliked the snotty nosed Germans at the time, even today I find Bayern Munich the epitome of Egotistic Egoists, not unlike the bunch of clowns McDonaldster United or Real Madrid in their respected countries.

But what's all that got to do with Sepp Blatter you say because he wasn't in power back then you may ask? Well it's worth noting that from 1981 to 1999 Mr Sepp Blatter was General Secretary and then President from 1998 to 2015.

So now here I am, never have I seen my country and the home of football host a World Cup, while knowing Germany hosted it TWICE. Here I am now a father to my 3 year old son wondering whether he will also be denied seeing England ever host a World Cup in his lifetime, would you blame me for feeling a little angry at these money sucking vampires?

As soon as those 7 are extradited they will give up Sepp Blatter, that is if the FBI don't find something to hang him with first, It's blatantly obvious Sepp Blatter only stood for another term to try buy himself more time. He probably thought with the political situation between the US, Europe and Russia that he could rely on Russia to support him, but the truth is Russia are just a posturing bunch of egotistical bullies who have realised they are out of their depth.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Sepp Blatter would crumble after the FBI launched their investigation, now that the cretin has stood down I celebrate this momentous event with extreme enjoyment.

Now it's time FIFA should revoke the right for Russia and Qatar to host the World Cup, the problems we have though are as follows. Russia, Asia and Africa all knew they cheated the system to earn the right to host the World Cup, they robbed everyone else just as much as Sepp Blatter and FIFA did.

How do FIFA deal with that fact?, do they reject them countries from having a FIFA representative?

Whatever happens next will be interesting but one thing needs to happen right now, Russia and Qatar should not host the World Cup unless FIFA rerun the voting and it is fairly monitored and scrutinised but those who bribed their way and are found guilty should not be allowed to submit again. Even if England were found to be guilty I would still support that those found guilty are not permitted to enter.