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17 November 2015

The FA Need To Shut Roy Hodgson Up Or Censor Him, The English People Will Respect

Skysports recently reported Roy Expects Respect For France, and Hodgson goes on to say:  

"We hope the ceremonies with be respected. If there's one thing that I truly wish for, it is that we show the respect I'd expect every single Englishman to show"

Now lets get one thing straight Mr Roy Hodgson, I take this as a direct insult to English people, no not British but the English people you single out. Your statement implies that you have doubt in whether us English people can or will respect the victims of the recent terrorist attacks on Paris, you owe the English people a sincere public apology for this disgraceful tripe you preach. Skysports should also be ashamed for publishing your tripe.

Us English people will respect the victims of this and any other tragic atrocity, we don't need you to speak for us and you certainly have no right to judge us.

I have absolutely no doubt my fellow English people will show respect, just you all remember there's a big difference between being English and being British. I've never known a single English person to follow Islam from birth, nor have I ever met an English person to convert to Islam. I'm sure there are one or two out there but I highly doubt any Islamic Extremists will surround themselves with Englishmen, so I don't believe there will be any issues when Wembley hosts France, especially when the Met Police and the SAS will be present.

The Cowards hide behind face clothes and can be spotted a mile off, if you are in attendance at Wembley and suspect someone or see something out of the ordinary then immediately report it and your stadium location and any other important details to a Steward or 999 as discreetly as possible.

Mr Hodgson, please shut up.

29 October 2015

Capital One Cup Highlights: Manchester 5 Crystal Palace 1, City Stick It Too The Critics

Manchester have well and truly stuck two fingers up to our critics while our so called rivals Arsenal, Chelsea and the Stretford Massive United all got knocked out of the Capital One Cup. Young Kelechi Iheanacho put in a Man of the Match performance after setting up Kevin De Bruyne who put the ball away, De Bruyne returned the favour by assisting Iheanacho who did extremely well to put the ball away from a stationary position.Then De Bruyne set Iheanacho away down the left and the Man of the Match assisted young Manu Garcia who did well to beat the last defender and keeper to slot home his first senior goal for Manchester.

On our bench sat England International's Brandon Barker and Patrick Roberts, along with Spanish International Manu Garcia (Alonso), while Nigerian International Kelechi Iheanacho earned his frst start for Manchester.

Well done to all our lads, what was that Devante?