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24 July 2015

Real Madrid Vs A 16 Year Old Humphreys, Arsenal And Sterling, Delph And Our Lack Of Defensive Signings

16 Year Old Cameron Humphreys

As the media would have everyone believe, Manchester City were stunned, thumped, routed, mauled, humiliated, over-powered, battered, heavily defeated and destroyed (their words not mine), but every single one of them failed to point out that 16 year old City defender Cameron Humphreys partnered 20 year old Jason Denayer flanked either side by a defensively poor Kolarov and Bacary Sagna, we can argue the only first team players worth their weight in the lineup were Joe Hart, David Silva, Yaya Toure, Raheem Sterling and Samir Nasri. Delph got stretchered off after 18 minutes with what's reported as a hamstring injury, Fernando was his usual underwhelming self and Delph's substitution Jesus Navas was same old same old.

No Aguero, No Kompany, No Mangala, No Demichelis, No Bony, No Fernandinho and No Zabaleta, that was over half our spine missing so is there any wonder we actually lost too

Navas, Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo, Kross, Modric, Ronaldo, Bale, Isco and Benzema, almost Real Madrid's entire first 11, SO CREDIT where credits due for our two young lads keeping it at a reasonable 4 goals considering. Would have been nice to win the meaningless trophy but it's not exactly worth a place next to an FA Cup or League title trophy now is it?, our Community Shield has more meaning, at the least our Aussie fans got to see and meet some of our boys and watch a few matches.

Well done to our young blues and especially to Sterling, especially against Real Madrid where the referee allowed Real Madrid to knock you around like a rag doll and deny us a clear cut penalty in the process.

Arsenal's Lord Harris has been running his mouth off in the media about how he's glad Raheem Sterling wasn't signed by Arsene Wenger, as if he had any chance over us signing him anyway. LORD of whatever he's Lord of, Harris claims Sterling's didn't treat Liverpool well, well that's a two way street Mr Harris but what would you know about that when you've been fed with a Silver Spoon and probably had your backside wiped for you, that is unless you've actually gone and purchased that title yourself. Mr Prim and proper, oh my did he just Google me. Baron Harris of Peckham, thanks for the giggle.

Delph's problem is pretty simple really if it is his hamstring, minor to moderate he's just pulled his muscles and will be out for a few weeks for some therapy, worst case scenario is he's torn his muscle which would result in surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery Fabian.

Now to our lack of defencive signings, Delph aside time is running and we are still yet to sign a center half as it's clear Denayer isn't ready to step up and partner Kompany just yet and Demichelis won't be with us much longer. I'm starting to get a little anxious if I'm honest, we are obviously linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry Peckham lately but one name stands out for me, Nicolas Otamendi, looks rather much like a young King Leonidas.

Other than Kevin De Bruyne who happens to be an attacking midfielder and right back Fabinho, no names are standing out at present, the Fabinho move has apparently fallen through. We are in desperate need of already established wing backs with Angelino a few seasons off our first team and Zabaleta getting on in playing years (I'm not looking forward to seeing Zabman decline at all). Sagna was only ever a temporary fix, no offence there Bacary.

Hoping City pull some defenders out the bag soon before it's too late, Comon City.

12 July 2015

Message To The Stretford Massive And Their Poxy Club Outside Manchester For Over 100 Years

It goes without saying who the bitters are, ask any City fan worth their weight and they will tell you just like I will. We don't care for our impostor neighbours over in the Borough of Trafford place they call Stretford any more, the club who weren't renamed Manchester United until 8 years after the Mayor of Manchester declared City the first and true representatives of Manchester. (Never was and never will be United). The club that we took in after Old Scaffold was bombed by Hilter, the club that profited from Manchester City's financial collapse. They wouldn't have that history if it wasn't off the back of Manchester City FC, you would be nothing without us and quite possibly have no history considering Sir Matt Busby was a City legend. You may not have ever found Ryan Giggs if it wasn't for a City fan and Manchester City FC, the club you poached him from.

Since Fabian Delph apparently snubbed us Twitter has been in meltdown, you guessed it United fans trying to goad City fans and mock Manchester City FC. Well there's only one thing I can say about the situation, thank fcuk Fabian Delph snubbed us. If anyone wishes to question this then look no further than an article I published on this very Blog on the 9th of July 2015, lets see if there's any rag out there to debunk the belief that most United fans out there are brain dead Zombies? Article Here

So you can stick your Schweinsteiger right where the sun don't shine lmao, mock away because City fans won't give a flying hoot about Delph's snub, He would only be taking up a place one of our youth can occupy.

On that note apparently according to Sky Sports have quite possibly hired a scrawny looking rag (United fan) to sport the old 1998-99 Brother sponsored Kappa City shirt from the old Third Division playoffs and then proceed to rip into Raheem Sterling. Either that or the rag was even more sad and bitter than he seems to be and did it all off his own backside.

Personally I wouldn't be seen dead wearing a United shirt or any other clubs shirt, not even if you offered me £1 million would I disgrace and insult my club. Not even to prank another club no matter what I think of them, it's just not in my blue blood.

Pretty sad prank if you ask me and in my opinion, all this hate directed towards Raheem Sterling is bordering embarrassing for Liverpool, United and their disgusting fans, it shows how desperate they all are, United fans did the same to Wayne Rooney, he received death threats and some fans balaclavad up outside the United players home only for Rooney to reverse and commit to United. Liverpool fans have equally sent death threats to Raheem Sterling according to reports. Even Fabian Delph was the subject of severe abuse from Aston Villa fans, although I'm kind of glad that worked out better for Manchester City. I have no doubt Raheem Sterling will sign for us, this lad has a head on his shoulders and knows.

I put all this down to bitterness and hate against Manchester City by United and Liverpool fans, they just hate it that we are stealing their spotlight. The only reason Chelsea aren't getting it is because they are too preoccupied with us and I have to admit I'm absolutely loving it.

It's fantastic and a testament to how far we have come as a club, it shows we are on the right track and making waves. Keep it coming, keep it coming you clowns, we feed off your bitterness.