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1 February 2016

Iheanacho Deserves To Be First 11, Pellegrini Is A Legend Already, Guardiola City Bound, Pardew? Nicolas?

First off I'd like to start with Kelechi Promise Iheanacho, I've grown rather frustrated with Pellegrini for this. Hearing how we have to be patient etc, no one was ever patient when throwing the over hyped Wayne Rooney in the deep end at Everton or Lionel Messi at Barcelona, so why Iheanacho when he's more than proven he deserves to be in the first eleven. One things for sure, Pep Guardiola has himself one hell of a young forward to nurture.I hope Kelechi is added to our Champions League roster, but fear he will miss out. Here's hoping Pellegrini will make the right choice, the lad deserves nothing less.

As much as I've said and wanted Manuel Pellegrini out over this season and last, he still has 100% respect from me for what he's achieved and could achieve. I don't think what Manuel offers is enough for Manchester City going forward though, what Pep Guardiola will bring is what I strongly believe Manchester City need. He's a young, well decorated, well respected coach who's managed the biggest player in the world in Lionel Messi. Pellegrini and Mancini before him concentrated on either defending or attacking, neither value both equally unlike Guardiola. Mancini was more defencive minded relying on Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero to catch opponents out whereas Pellegrini's more Attack minded leaving our defenders vulnerable. Luckily we have Otamendi because I truly believe if we didn't, then we'd probably be out of the title race by now without Otamendi and Kompany.

So Manuel Pellegrini has finally made the decision to go public, stating he will leave our club at the end of the 2015/16 season with best wishes. For the past few weeks I've been hoping for this very situation to unfold, the speculation was just frustrating to say the least. This way Pellegrini is telling us he knows where he stands and has said himself that the club have shown him nothing but respect.

Now all the speculation can be put to bed and our club can get back to work, Pellegrini has his CV to update with a possible treble winning season more than possible, our players now have to prove themselves once again before the new coach even takes over and fight too gift their outgoing coach the best leaving present he could ever wish for and go out on a high. You can be damn sure the players will know that Guardiola will be watching on his days off at Bayern, He's a methodical man that lives and breathes football,

And what better way for Pellegrini to go out than achieve an historical treble of the League Cup, FA Cup and Premier League?

Alan Pardew? The Crystal Palace Manager claims to feel for Pellegrini saying his first thought is with Manuel, then went on to say he hopes the club have done it the right way? Why feel for a coach that has won more than you ever have and has the opportunity to achieve an historical treble winning campaign? He could only wish for what Pellegrini has right now, the guy needs to feel sorry for himself instead. Wasn't long ago he was verbally abusing Pellegrini pitch side, seriously.

You'd think a Manager of a Premier League Football Club would be professional enough to be in the know, either that or just shut the hell up when they haven't got a clue what they're talking about.

On that note who the hell is Nicolas on Sky Sports? seriously who is he? in all my 40 years of breathing I haven't got a clue who he is. The guy seems to seriously think we can win the Champions League as it stands right now this season without Vincent Kompany? I honestly think we haven't a chance of winning it this season, I hope we go as far as possible but too win it? it would be a miracle and if we did I'd chain myself to the Etihad entrance until they renegotiated for Pellegrini to be resigned, if he achieved the as far as I'm concerned impossible, then he'd deserve to stay no matter what I think.

Nicolas claimed he thinks this was poor timing? What by our Club? How can it be poor timing when it was Pellegrini who made the decision to issue that he wouldn't be staying on at City next season? The club never forced him to do so, he stated himself that he was doing so to put a stop to the speculation on his position. The same speculation that was probably causing problems within our club, I'm pretty sure Manuel Pellegrini knows what he's doing more than this (just Googled him) Charlie Nicolas guy does. The idiot compares the situation to when Alex Ferguson announced he was leaving United? Do us all a favour and choose intelligent educated pundits that have a clue.

I on the other hand believe this has made our clubs position even stronger as stated here.

Onwards we March, one of the happiest Manchester City fans on the planet right now. I was slightly concerned by our clubs mounting injuries and the speculation issue but feel more optimistic.

How do you feel about what's unfolded?

7 January 2016

Has Yaya Given All He Can? Pellegrini's Claim We're Complete? The Guardiola Saga?

I'm well aware the Media are capable to twisting ones words to create better headlines but this particular statement made by Pellegrini kind of summed it up and says it all for me.

"Really I think this squad is complete,"  Pellegrini claimed to reporters before our last game against Watford.

He has clearly taken us as far as he can, yet another Roberto Mancini as far as I'm concerned. Don't get me wrong as I'm definitely appreciative of what they achieved for us and all the hard work they've put in to get us to where we are right now, but they're definitely not the right coaches to take us forward.

I believe Josep Guardiola Sala is the coach to make us worthy Champions League contenders, right now we are just making up the numbers. It's been talked about that he had it easy at Barcelona with world class players surrounding him and at Bayern Munich with yet more world class players, but that doesn't change the fact he's succeeded at both clubs and is well respected by his peers. Even Alex Ferguson tried to lure him to Old Scaffold in 2012, as much as I despise the Scot that speaks for itself.

Last season when it all went pair shaped I said to myself, Pellegrini isn't the man to guide us to Champions League glory. I knew we needed Guardiola but in all honesty thought it would be almost impossible to prise him away from Munich, but earlier back in October 2015 I made a bold claim to my City supporting Aunt that Pep Guardiola had all but resigned himself to joining Manchester City and that I believed Lionel Messi would follow him to the Etihad. A bold claim indeed but there you have it.

Guardiola is well respected and still at an age where he has the opportunity to surpass Alex Ferguson as the best Coach ever to grace English football, yes he has admitted he doesn't like to stay long in one place. But I believe Sheikh Mansour has the power to keep him happy by providing him anything he requires, something Barcelona and Bayern Munich were incapable of doing or achieving.

Yaya Toure could be a big issue though as he was clearly not the right fit for Guardiola's Barcelona, as fantastic has he's been for us I think he's done. In 2014/15 he became lazy and some blame that on Pellegrini pushing him up field in a more advanced position, at times he goes missing and more so away from home. Sometimes it seems like he just doesn't care and walks around while the opposition counter attack leaving the rest of his team mates to scramble a man down, this was yet again the case against Everton last night. He got mugged a few times by Everton players and only looked bothered when we were in Evertons half. Despite appreciating his contribution to our past success, I'm quite frankly sick of the lazy performances throwing the rest of his team under the bus. As if we haven't got problems to deal with already, with a Calamity prone Mangala and a slow lethargic Demichelis which might I add Pellegrini failed to replace last season. I strongly believe Pellegrini had nothing to do with the signings of De Bruyne and Sterling, that credit more than likely goes to our boardroom.

As much I want Guardiola signing for us, I would like Pellegrini to win the title this season if only to cement his status as a good coach. Not that he hasn't done so already but still all the same, he deserves every last bit of success he can get before he leaves us.

But players that I feel have failed and given all they can are Toure, Mangala, Bony, Demichelis, Clichy and Kolarov, as far as I'm concerned they have to go and be replaced. I'd say keep Yaya and have him as an impact player off the bench but lets face it, all he would ever do is moan and groan so it's probably best if he found a new challenge. Either that or become a Coach, Scout or something along those lines. I don't think any of them fit into Guardiola's style of play, so I expect quite a few departures if Guardiola does sign for us but then that's not such a bad thing is it. After all think of the players that would follow him without a first thought, the thought is mind boggling to say the least.

So I'm absolutely sure Pellegrini's time is up, It's a shame because I really wanted him to succeed so we wouldn't have to keep chopping and changing coaches. But I suppose I was at the time not considering his age in that wish. Manchester City haven't opened talks over a new contract and Pellegrini has admitted the end is near, so change is inevitable.

I believe our weakest position is left back, right back is also a slight concern but still a concern to be looked at with our lads ageing. Saying that all along the back 4 needs looking at. So two left backs, one right back and two centre backs on the shopping list please.

What's your take on it all?