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21 May 2014

Message To Yaya Toure From A City Fan, Put Your Agent In His Place Or Request A Transfer Now

Dear Mr Yaya Toure,

I can't speak for all City fans but I can however speak for myself, after 30 odd years of support for Manchester City FC. It is not acceptable to force City fans to wait an entire World Cup to find out if this idiotic, money grabbing leech of an agent of yours is speaking the truth.

Lets say your agent is speaking the truth for a moment, then you need to get a grip, you just won the Barclay's Premier League for crying out loud. What more of a birthday present do you really want, your agent has mouthed off about your contribution to Manchester City FC demanding the club should show you more respect. There's no I in TEAM buddy, you had the club singing happy birthday on the plane to Abu Dhabi right?, what's more you all celebrated with cake too yes?

Lets say your agent was wrong to speak this rubbish on your behalf, then you need to sack the idiot right away and find a more mature and responsible agent. Either way you need to make a public statement now, confirming that your agent is either wrong or that you intend on leaving.

I'm open minded and like to believe that your agent's an idiot, and you did not in fact condone or authorise his interview with Sky Sports or any other media company. What you need to do now is show Manchester City FC and their fans some respect, after everything Manchester City have done for you to date.

Providing you and your brother Kolo Toure with the opportunity to play along side each other as team mates.

Giving you the opportunity of winning 2 Barclay's Premier League titles, 1 League Cup, 1 FA Cup and 1 FA Community Shield, how many times have you played at the most famous football stadium in the world Wembley?

How much money do you get paid each week?

You know very well that the Citizens respect you and appreciate your contribution to our club, we don't deserve to have to put up with your agent mouthing off or you making us wait.

I am aware you have stated via Twitter that we shouldn't believe anything that hasn't come from your mouth, your agent has dismissed your Twitter reply via Sky Sports.

There's no I in TEAM buddy, show us the respect we deserve, make a public statement before the World Cup ends. If you want to leave Manchester City then fine, the City faithful will wish you well so lets get this over with now.

Best regards

Jason TIOC