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4 January 2019

Back with a Bang, Liverpool Fans Whining and the Anthony Taylor Saga

OK, here we go.

Liverpool fans currently reporting Manchester City fans for throwing Coins, Bottles and Flares as very much white pot calling a white kettle white (I'm White btw, just thought I'd throw that in for the White privilege infatuated Snowflakes). Liverpool now very much famously known for being violent football fans always smuggling in Flares amongst other objects on European Match Days, not to mention publicly arranging to lynch opposing clubs team buses in the National Media and following through with their threats by laying siege to Manchester City FC's team bus with FLARES, BOTTLES, BRICKS and anything else they can get their filthy bin dipping hands on. OR how about the Manchester City away fan buses they ambushed and attacked in the streets of Liverpool, or how about arranging to meet up with A.S. Roma fans in the backstreets of Liverpool, that's right they want it so much that they go to the lengths of arranging it, this confirmed by a Liverpool fan.

I don't condone anything being thrown into people but, you get what you pay for and Liverpool fans have been constantly asking for it since 2017. It smacks of a Bully getting his dues, a term springs to mind 'They can dish it out but they don't like it up them'. I could go on and raise the issue of Liverpool fans throwing death threats at Raheem Sterling and his family, even going as far as to threaten his kid but they do enough themselves, what poor little victims, they certainly love playing the victim. Am I wrong for thinking Liverpool fans deserve what they get, I don't think so.

Lets move on to Referee's with Greater Manchester born Anthony Taylor currently being the big talking point, the fact he's born in a Greater Manchester suburb being the problem when he's being chosen by the PGMOL to officiate games including Manchester City or that other club in Trafford, not Manchester but another suburb of Greater Manchester. That's right Anthony Taylor has no affiliation with Manchester proper and is not a Mancunian, Mancunians only come from Manchester, people need to educate themselves enough to understand that first and foremost.

Next people need to educate themselves even further because Anthony Taylors record against Manchester City speaks volumes, I wouldn't go as far as to say he's the worst Referee Manchester City could hope not to end up with but, he's certainly never in favour of Manchester City as the majority of Manchester City matches he's officiated have ended up with City drawing or losing. So to try imply he favours Manchester City is ludicrous and there's no evidence to support he does favour City.

Right now the Media, their Liverpool loving Pundits and Liverpool fans are in love with the thought of seeing Liverpool FC win the Premier League for the first time and all at the expense of Manchester City, all this fall out smacks of bitter and sore loser syndrome. Manchester City FC certainly destroyed any chance of gifting them their dream of Liverpool going 10 points ahead and Manchester City falling further behind so what's going to be next?

Liverpool FC and their fans have certainly being creating a new rivalry with Manchester City, taken to the extreme with a dash of violence, well when you attack other clubs fan bases you should really not cry foul when it's returned, well that's the way I see it anyway. So while I can understand some Manchester City fans problems with Liverpool fans I'd never condone violence, that said it's Liverpool's away following that attacked Manchester City's Team and Fan buses, that is unless the Liverpool fan I spoke too has their information wrong.

I certainly enjoyed watching Klipperty Klopp and his players thinking they could just turn up and roll us over.

I massive well done to our lads for turning up and being counted, special mention for Kompany for putting Salah in his place.

What are your thoughts on the whole Saga?