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16 August 2015

Guillem Balaque Tweets: City Have Signed Nicolas Otamendi With Mangala Out On Loan

According to Guillem Balaque Manchester City have wrapped up the signing of 27 year old Argentine International Center Back Nicolas Otamendi from Valencia, as part of the deal Mangala would be going out on loan to Valencia for a minimum of one season.
After Mangala's superb performance against Chelsea today, many City fans will be disappointed for sure. But you need to look at the bigger picture here, 1. we're not selling Mangala 2. we're gaining an already established and experienced Champions League player and Copa America runner up 3. Mangala wouldn't get a look in once this guy partners Vincent Kompany or Martin Demichelis, so it's all good because Mangala will come back a better and more experienced defender should this move be correct. Balaque virtually never gets it wrong when it comes to La Liga so I'm inclined to believe it and I'm happy with this one either way.

UPDATE: Just to confirm further news is that the move is not dependent on Mangala going out on loan, if he was to refuse then City would probably up the offer.

11 August 2015

Round Up Of The Week, De Bruyne, We Are Not Finished By A Long Shot.

Great game against West Brom last night, still a little messi at the back but as a whole great performance from our defenders. Surprisingly Mangala produced a fantastic performance as did Sagna who was a huge surprise to me on the night so well done to them. One good performance means nothing though in the long run so keep it up lads.

Kompany had a good game too so well done there, our lads just need to build their confidence up again. I believe that has been the thorn in our defensive frailty, our lads just need to kick on from here and fight to be crowned the best.

Still believe we need better left backs, sorry but Kolarov and Clichy do not cut it for me. Right wing is another area but hopefully we will plug that hole with Kevin De Bruyne soon. Then there's the ever talked about center back position, our center backs put on a good performance against West Brom but I still believe we need a proven European powerhouse center back, but honestly I just have this feeling that unless a new manager was to arrive then I just don't see us buying a new center back until Demichelis retires or leaves.

On that note I feel the need to highlight one big issue, right now Manchester City are still not the finished article. To be the finished article we have to have two world class or potentially world class players in every position, for that to happen time and patience is required. A large piece of that puzzle is our World Class academy to be, a regular injection of talent is required year in and year out into our first team just like Barcelona and Real Madrid etc. Two or three youth players per season capable of stepping up is sustainability, once Manchester City achieve that we will be on our way to being unstoppable.

But more pressing matters are at the forefront of my thinking, at left back we have two OK players who are clearly giving us all they have which isn't enough in the long run. They have to be thanked for their contribution and I believe they have been thanked and appreciated by our fans and club to date, been given the chance to play for City, the opportunity for great success in their careers with City and made a good living out of Manchester City. But I feel it's time for them to move on and make way for a proven world class left back and for Angelino to step up when he's done at NYCFC.

On that note and despite the good performance from Mangala last night, I feel we still need a solid world class center back. Our Captain Kompany is 29 so we're looking at roughly 4 or 5 more years, Demichelis is 34 years old. We're ok with Mangala and Denayer but we need an already established senior like Nicolas Otamendi or Diego Godin to plug the incoming hole.

With a bit of luck our right wing position will be solved by the hopeful capture of Kevin De Bruyne, I think all the news that have come out of Wolfsburg lately is nothing more than a club protecting their own interests. They've been playing this one down and denying reports left, right and center, but the media have never let go to date. I never believed a word Wolfsburg said, they claimed there were no bids from City, but they failed to mention whether or not there were any communication between the two clubs. Here's how I think it went down.

Manchester City contacted Wolfsburg inquiring about Kevin
Wolfsburg said no he's not for sale
The Media hype up the potential transfer
Word gets out to Kevin and his head is turned
The Media claim City have made a bid with no evidence
Wolfsburg denied a bid existed
Wolfsburg fail to state they had any communication with City
Kevin has to push for a move so Manchester City can come back to the table with a bid
Not forgetting that there's a player agent counting the cookies who's probably been secretly baiting the media.

So after highlighting this it's quite scary how much of an unfinished article we really are, scary that we have the best attacking force in the English Barclay's Premier League and there's still huge room for improvement. We are a heck of a long way off Barcelona and Real Madrid but we can still mix with the best of them, everyone looks at our current progress in Europe as a failure, to me it's been nothing but a success.

Raheem Sterling will come good and only get better, he will make our left wing his own over the coming years, IF we manage to prize De Bruyne away we could well see him on our right flank interchanging with Sterling and our very own Magician David Silva playing in his preferred position behind the main striker, the same position he plays for Spain to most effect. He was at his best last night, so much so that the dirty West Brom player Yakob had to take a swipe at Silva twice and commit foul after foul on Merlin to try stop him. Merlin set up Kompany's goal and flicked on Yaya Toure's first shot on target. How Yakob never received a red card is beyond me, i'd say if I didn't know better and know match officials show more favour to the weaker team. Match referee Mike Dean is a disgrace to his profession, as are all referee's that do not show impartiality. In fact two of West Brom's players should have seen red.

Great game lads, keep up the good work and keep proving our haters and critics wrong.

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