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21 January 2015

Are The FA And Premier League Interfering? Arsenal Fallout, So Who's To Blame?

Everyone loves a conspiracy right?, So here's mine and you have probably also thought of the same thing many times yourself. Are domestic footballs governing bodies using referee's secret preferences to manipulate the outcome of domestic league football.

The Professional Game Match Officials Ltd, PGMOL for short are the body which appoint match officials for up coming fixtures. Now lets face facts here, referee's just like players and club staff all have their preferences. Each and every one of them have loyalty to one or three football clubs, would they be working in football as a sport if they had no interest or preference in it what so ever?

PGMOL are a separate entity to the Football Association and the Premier League, but with that said PGMOL are also owned by The FA and the Premier League.

Match Official Mike Dean was appointed for the City V Arsenal match recently played out, before the match Arsenal fans in their drones were complaining about Mike Dean being appointed. But why when Mike Dean has over seen Arsenal defeat many an opponent other than Liverpool?  After all Mike Dean is a from the Wirral.

I'm not the only football fan out there thinking the same thing that's for sure, Evidence Of The Manchester United Referee Conspiracy

Now last season Manchester City FC won the Barclay's Premier League title, but who suffered for it the most? Yes that's Mike Dean's Liverpool, sheer coincidence you say?

So far this season Mike Dean has officiated City 1 Chelsea 1, QPR 2 City 2 and most recently City 0 Arsenal 2. In all those matches he has screwed us over with poor officiating, DELIBERATELY poor.

The PGMOL will point to the fact they don't allow referee's to officiate clubs in their county of birth but that proves nothing, we all know a Liverpool, Arsenal, United or Chelsea fan can pretty much be born in Ireland, Cuba, Africa or Japan for instance.

Truth of the matter is since the introduction of Respect for match officials was put in place, we have seen and continue to witness the decline in match official performance. Add to that video evidence to suggest there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

2014 Matches that Mike Dean has Officiated, Look at the pattern and witness for yourselves. He's over seen 2 convincing Chelsea wins this season, both matches I reran and both he played a huge part in the outcome.

Google 'Mike Dean celebrates'

The truth is Dean has no love for either Manchester City or United, Dean even famously went up against Alex Ferguson, it's clear Mike Dean has no liking for the Manchester and Trafford based clubs. Why would he after both clubs have inflicted misery upon Liverpool FC.

I must point out however that Dean's dislike for City has only recently developed due to the facts, City have up until now never been an issue or real threat to Liverpool, also that City have only just recently added to Liverpool's woes. Up until now Mike Dean had been pretty much unbiased towards us, but the fact remains that the PGMOL have history in trying to dictate the outcome of title fights.

I've always stressed though that to be a historically great club, you need to learn how to put 12 man teams to the sword and beat officials as well as opponents.

However although Mike Dean did manipulate the outcome of the game, I do not blame him for Manchester City losing. I believe the blame should be placed on a few of our players and Manuel Pellegrini and his coaches and one particular Arsenal player who was guilty of diving.

As far as I'm concerned after many many reruns of the incident, Vincent Kompany barely touched Arsenal's Nacho Monreal, Monreal deliberately ran into Kompany with full intention of diving. Monreal had no intention of getting to the ball, even Arsene Wenger eventually admitted that he initially thought it was a penalty, but was then told by someone that Arsenal were very lucky. Wenger stated he would review the incident based on that information. Moving on.

It's clear we had no plan B or C against Arsenal on our own turf, embarrassing in my opinion. To be honest I'm getting sick and tired of us always attacking, putting needless pressure on our defence. It's pretty clear Vincent Kompany is being negatively affected by it all, we still haven't solved our defencive issues yet and our constant attacking style is leaving us open to counter attacks.

When teams turn up and park the bloody bus, why do we go all gung ho, why don't we sit back and allow the enemy to open up and give us space. Why don't we counter attack with a two can play that game aye?

Manuel Pellegrini has always had my full support, in fact I and my City season card aunt (who attends almost every game possible despite serious illness (one of my idols) have on a few occasions disagreed over whether Pellegrini is good enough. Up until now I've seen past his mistakes in the hope he will adapt and improve, I'm just hoping he doesn't take as long as Arsene Wenger to wake up and realise he's just been made to look not so great after all.

One or two of our players need to step up as well, I'm not going to name their names but they know who they are. I'm not a fan of Afcon and quite frankly think it's a waste of time and pointless (Why haven't Africa come together as one nation already?), I'm quite honestly infuriated at losing Yaya Toure all the time to this poxy tournement and City suffering as a result but that's no excuse. Bottom line is with the players we have, we shouldn't be missing Toure's presence so much. Again to Pellegrini once more, why wasn't Lampard played from the start in the absence of Titan Toure instead of Fernando or Fernandinho who are both defencive midfielders?

It's pretty clear in my opinion that Pellegrini and his team need to adapt and adapt super fast if we are too retain our title. Work needs doing on our corners but I see that improving on the eventual arrival of Bony, another player we will suffer with at points due to the pointless Afcon, as well as the inability of whipping balls in from wide area's.

1 January 2015

Beyond Stupidity, Are New York City Fans Really That Upset By Lampard Staying?

Or is this really just the idiotic anti Manchester City bandwagon media and amateur writers, creating propaganda to sully Manchester City FC and paint us with the usual colour?

I believe it to be the later considering none of the articles published have shown us any more than a couple of tweets from people who probably aren't even NYCFC fans, their aliases certainly don't suggest they are that's for sure.

Then there are no video's of NYCFC fans in abundance, venting their disgust and anger over Frank Lampard staying. OK I accept there maybe one or two naive and misguided NYCFC fans who are disappointed but that's tough.

It's well documented that it's the City brand that own NYCFC along side the New York Yankees, so you can safely understand that the success of Manchester City FC is an important piece of the puzzle that will spearhead ongoing success for the City brand, but what does that mean for the sister clubs of Manchester City FC?

Well they all have priority access to Manchester City FC's youth academy, right now the biggest and most advanced academies in English football. Our academy has up until now done pretty well considering we were once branded a Yo yo club, only hampered by misfortune pointing too Stephen Ireland and Michael Johnson's falls from grace due to serious injuries. Oh and Chelsea paying £29 million for Shaun Wright-Phillips only to stick him on their bench and ruin his progress and career, I hated the fact we sold him.

But just one look at the players in our ranks now shows exactly what NYCFC and our other sister clubs have to look forward too in the future, with the option to take our kids out on loan. Also having access to Manchester City's scouting system, inside knowledge from the mothership herself, shall I go on?

But back to the success of Manchester City well, it doesn't take a genius to realise that the success of Manchester City FC will fill the City brands coffers to help our sister clubs progress.

It's clear that those NYCFC fans that are upset, need to step back, take a deep breath and admire the bigger picture. After all you will eventually get Mr Frank Lampard back, he clearly wants to help the City brand and understands that success in England means success for NYCFC. As any human being would want, Lampard also wants to go out on a high so who are we to begrudge him one last moment of glory?