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9 September 2011

Gary Cook Departs Manchester City FC, Will We Ever Get To Know The Truth?

The one point that I wish to make is that, we do not know the facts despite Gary Cook's departure, I see this as just to minimise the damage to our club which is a good thing but I am not about to take it as a message of guilt.

I hate not knowing the facts and despite Cook's mistakes I would be disappointed to hear later on down the line that he was truly the victim of a hacker, lets not delude ourselves and laugh off the posibility for we all know the little scumbags exist.

This is our City wishes Gary Cook all the best for the future and thanks him for the time and effort he has given to our club whether guilty or not guilty.

Now our club can move on and prepare for the Champions League without having this rubbish hanging over us, and Nedum can get on with playing football and not have to worry about it all. No doubt though the anti City media will find something else to bash us with.

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  1. Anonymous9/9/11

    The email was sent almost a year ago and it begs the question why it took a year for it to surface? This was a politically motivated act from Onuoha camp [Kia has definitely played a role]. Cook has been great for the Club and it is sad to have him gone.