This is our City: Reluctancy for Video Refs? I predicted Marriner would screw City again, Referee bias.

3 April 2017

Reluctancy for Video Refs? I predicted Marriner would screw City again, Referee bias.

Andre Scumbag Marriner

Before we played Arsenal I predicted Andre Marriner would screw us over, as this evidence shows.

With the game tied at 2 goals a piece, Arsenal's Nacho Monreal handled the ball in Arsenal's 18 year box as Jesus Navas went to kick the ball.

Monreal even goes as far as to admit it, Andre Marriner witnessed it all but refused to award a penalty.

Sergio Aguero brilliantly tricks Monreal into... by Spanish-Football

I freely admit we haven't done ourselves any favours this season but, I feel strongly that we have been unfairly treated by Match Officials this season and the 'these things even themselves out over the course of a season' excuse doesn't fly I'm afraid, it certainly hasn't evened itself out for Manchester City now.

On to my point with Video Referee's and why the Football Governing Bodies are reluctant to introduce it, I believe it is because it takes away the ability for Referee's to manipulate the outcome of games. In previous articles I've covered the problem in English football with the FA, PGMOB and match officials.

About how Match Officials are threatened to keep quiet or lose their severance package and face consequences, about how former Premier League Referee Mark Halsey became whistle blower after admitting to being asked to ignore incidents, waving his right to his severance packet to write his Autobiography. How it was all brushed under the grass by the Political Elite and Football powers that be.

Andre Marriner and Anthony Taylor have screwed Manchester City over this season and got away with it, Referee's are protected far too much these days. Clubs and Businesses are losing millions if not billions over time, due to corrupt Governing Bodies and Match Officials. It's high time football clubs join forces and fight this injustice against the governing bodies and the established old elite who profit from it i.e. the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. The Football Association have their hand up the puppet named PGMOB, who appoint Match Officials and their teams and instruct them into doing their bidding.

Why hasn't English Football been ousted like Italian Football once were? Because the political power and money of English football, and powerful broadcasters are more than likely paying corrupt Fifa to keep their mouths shut.

Sorry but I'm not gullible enough to believe or think every mistake a match official makes are human error, Anthony Taylor and Andre Marriner have officiated 3 out of 4 title fight matches for us against Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Chelsea, all of which we have drawn or lost because of blatant bias towards our opponents.

I love Manchester City but,right now its the opposite for English football. I can accept that we haven't been good enough to win the title this season, I can accept that we are in transition and Pep Guardiola needs more time to weed out the pap average like Otamendi, Navas, Nolito, Delph, Fernando and Bravo, along with letting go of the OAP's in Clichy and Sagna. I can accept losing fairly but, what I will never accept is unfair bias and corruption at all, not even if it was ever for us and not against us.

Against Chelsea Anthony Taylor showed blatant bias towards them, allowed David Luiz to run riot over Sergio Aguero, shirt pulling, clipping his heels, man handling him resulting in Aguero getting frustrated. Sent Aguero off rightfully but failed to send of Nathaniel Chalobah for violent conduct, sent off Fernandinho but failed to send off Cesc Fabregas for violent conduct. The game ended 3-1 to Chelsea thanks to his blatant interference.

Against Spurs admittedly in October we didn't do ourselves any favors but Andre Marriner showed Spurs a lot of favour, that game resulted in us losing 2-0.

Again in the return match against Spurs Andre Marriner should have awarded Manchester City a penalty and red carded to Kyle Walker. Instead with the match at City 2 - 1 Spurs, rather than award City a stone wall penalty and send Spurs rightly down to ten men, Andre Marriner helped Spurs back into the game. Former Referee Graham Poll blasted Marriner for it, I like Poll as he will defend Referee's but also blast Referee's if he believes they got it wrong. As far as Manchester City goes, Graham Poll has blasted both these Referee's in favour of Manchester City. Resulting in a 2-2 draw.

And now against Arsenal Andre Marriner has screwed Manchester City yet again, by failing to send off Nacho Monreal and award City yet another penalty, 2 lost points ending 2-2.

I make that an 8 point loss in the title race, we'd be in the top 2 had these two Referee's not of screwed Manchester City over this season.

I suspect foul play by the Football Association and the PGMOB.


  1. Anonymous3/4/17

    I agree with your sentiments Jason that City have not been treated fairly in the matches you mention which is scandalous in itself. However, if you have any real proof of corruption, you have a duty to properly bring this to the attention of the referees governing body and the press who would surely investigate vigorously if there was even the slightest proof of fraud. In view of the proven allegations from within FIFA and EUFA in recent times, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that you are correct in your allegations but clear proof is required. I also agree with you that it doesn't matter whether City or any other club are beneficiaries, fraud or corruption is a serious matter and the potential culprits need to be brought to justice.

    1. Problem is a respected former Premier League Referee turned Whistle blower admitted corruption in English football, the British papers published it. Then what happened? Everything and everyone went quiet after that, it was a media blackout and forgotten about. Our problem is the British Government, Broadcasters, Governing Bodies, corrupt FIFA, it's politics and money. We're just the little people with little voices, we're just the people lining the corrupt pockets stuck of a catch 22. Do we stop and let our clubs suffer to spite the corruption, or do we keep our mouths shut and walk the line. The only people who can put a stop to it are a collective of clubs, I'm, we're ultimately barking to a small audience but I'll keep barking anyway.

  2. You are also missing another HUGE decision he "let slide" or "ignored" or plain old favoured Arsenal. Ill expand, De Bruyne had the ball and was running at their defence just inside their half and we also had 2 others running at 2 players it was clearly a 3 v 2 in Citys favour and could easily have resulted in a goal for City. In steps Coquelin who simply just onto De Bruynes back and sending him flying over. Quite clearly and 100% definitely a stand out stoner of a yellow card, but wait!!! he was on a Yellow..... Before this very incident Fernandinho got a Yellow for less. It was a stand out shocker, its not a hard decision, it was 100% a yellow. The City players were lost for words and if you looked at the body language of Marriner he damn well knew it was a sending off but hey, these things even themselves out yeah??? Absolute tosh and it does indeed need reviewing because if you do the maths we wouldn't be that far away from Chelsea..... Even Pep stands there looking around thinking what is going on with these officials, you can see it in his face.

    1. I'm sure I missed a few more but thanks for highlighting it anyway.

  3. Anonymous3/4/17

    Agree 100% with all you say, I think as fans we let the bent officials off too lightly. Always think of when Raz was wiped out by John Stones in the last minute of the 0-0 at home last season. Could not have been clearer, had the North Stand not had its usual evacuation 10 minutes from the end they could have pressured the abominable Roger East into doing the right thing! Make more noise when we are being screwed! ����

  4. Excellent article. Agree 100%


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