This is our City: Corrupt Puppets, Don't be fooled by Sky Documentary on Referee's, British Media are bias.

2 April 2017

Corrupt Puppets, Don't be fooled by Sky Documentary on Referee's, British Media are bias.

Nobody picks on my little friend.

Today Sky Sports will be airing a Documentary interviewing corrupt Referee's like Anthony Taylor who famously screwed Manchester city over this season against Chelsea.

Taylor blatantly allowed David Luiz free reign, to push, shove, man handle, shirt pull and finally play Sergio Aguero for 90 minutes with out consequence, that is ultimately why Sergio Aguero got frustrated and decided to lunge at Luiz, that is ultimately the real cause of the fracas between Manchester City and Chelsea.

A Player who is dismissed from the Field of Play for denying a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity by physical means or by handling the ball, will be suspended automatically from FTCM commencing forthwith, until such time as his Club has completed its next FTCM.

That is exactly what David Luiz did to Sergio Aguero prior to the Fracas, Luiz new that Sergio Aguero had him beat and was in on goal, so Luiz decided to take Aguero out by running into Aguero and throwing an elbow. Anthony Taylor should have sent off David Luiz as his Linesman had clear line of sight.

Now Daivd Luiz has proven previous for going down theatrically, he was famously caught curled up on the floor laughing while his opponent was sent off. Now after the incident Chelsea and Luiz himself reported that his injury wasn't all that bad, yet the British Media made a right meal of it. Despite the fact David Luiz was stilling racking up minutes for Chelsea.According to them it was a knee injury, yet Sergio Aguero never touched Luiz's knee. Footage and clips show that Aguero caught him well below the knee on his calf muscle.

Now that can't be put down to human error, neither can Taylor's other corrupt acts. This was a high profile title fight clash and Anthony Taylor exposed himself more than any other Referee have ever done before, yet still the British Media said nothing and it was all brushed under the carpet like it always does if it's about little old Manchester City. All the British Media could highlight was Aguero's tackle on Luiz and Fernandinho's altercation with that dirty little play acting cheat Cesc Fabregas, but i'll get to that in a moment.

First Anthony Taylor watched on as Nathaniel Chalobah ran onto and launched Sergio Aguero across the pitch, after David Luiz theatrically hits the pitch.

(e) PLAYERS SENT OFF UNDER LAW 12 (1), (2) AND (3)
A Player who is dismissed from the Field of Play for Violent Conduct, Serious Foul Play or spitting at an opponent or any other person, whether he has previously been cautioned in the match or not, will be suspended automatically from all Club football, except for any match sanctioned or regarded by The Football Association as a Friendly Match, including non-First Team matches commencing forthwith and until such time as his Club’s First Team has completed its next three matches in approved Competitions.

Now if a player is handed a Yellow card, this protects him or her from retrospective action by the Football Association as the Referee has been deemed to have dealt with the incident. This is exactly what Anthony Taylor did, to protect Nathaniel Chalobah from being banned. Had he not yellow carded Chalobah, then the Football Association would have had to have punished Chalobah for his actions under their own laws.

Then we come to the theatrical cheat and coward Cesc Fabregas, he slapped Fernandinho around the face and as a result Fernandinho shoved Fabregas by the throat. Fabregas invited Fernandinho by walking backwards towards the advertising board, looking over his shoulder for the board, resulting in throwing himself over it theatrically. Every single bit of it was caught live on Camera, either Taylor or one of his team saw it. Otherwise why would Cesc Fabregas get a yellow card? A yellow card for violent conduct? See above, players sent off under law 12 (1,2 & 3)

That's right Anthony Taylor decided to protect another Chelsea player from retrospective action by rewarding him with a yellow card, surely you see the pattern? If not then you will now. Fernandinho was red carded and sent off for the exact same offence as Fabregas in the same incident, in the same match.

Sergio Aguero was red carded and sent off for a foul on David Luiz in the exact same match, despite the fact David Luiz had been constantly fouling Aguero in the same match by Luiz?

Yet the British Media were all over it in defence of Chelsea, Anthony Taylor is a corrupt referee and no different from any other Referee. The English Football Association have their hand up the arse of the PGMOB, the governing body in charge of appointing Match Officials their Matches. The Neale Barry and Mike Riley are FA Employee's, the PGMOB have been ousted as corrupt by retired Referee's and it's all been swept under the carpet by said FA and the British Media. They are being told what to do and not to do, to show favour and ignore certain incidents.

English football is corrupt, if it wasn't for my love for Manchester City and the fact that I enjoy being the under dog taking it to the old elite, then I'd probably give up on Football in a heart beat.

Skysports are running a Documentary after our match with Arsenal, I'm sure you won't be fooled by the Referee's excuses of human error etc as I certainly won't be. Referee's are being glamorised and protected when they should stay impartial and keep as low a profile as possible.


  1. Anonymous2/4/17

    There is a clear agenda by refs against mcfc. You only have to look at the push on Sterling against spurs, the hand ball and penalty given to spurs against sterling by clattenberg when it was clear he only guessed at it.

  2. Anonymous2/4/17

    Great article my thoughts exactly whats good for the goose isnt necessary good for the gander, thety say decision even themselfs out over the course of the season with 10 games left i still havent seen any evidence of this these is getting far to blatant now if we were to get the correct decisions over the season the table would be very different right now enough is enough cheats never prosper!


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