This is our City: Anthony Taylor to blame for Chelsea fracas, It's OK to slap a player and simulate now

10 December 2016

Anthony Taylor to blame for Chelsea fracas, It's OK to slap a player and simulate now

I'm starting to wonder that if we can't beat them when they're cheating then maybe we should join them? Before Chelsea sold David Luiz i thought he was the dirtiest player in the Premier League. So you could imagine my disappointment at hearing Chelsea were bringing him back, I just knew we'd be on the receiving end of him eventually and Hey Presto. Not only would they have Diego Costa but also now David Luiz, you couldn't make it up.

What grated on me more than anything was, that he always managed to get away with everything, absolutely everything and recent evidence shows he's at it again and referee's are letting him get away with it.

David Luiz was guilty of provocation and should have seen red after fouling Sergio Aguero in the box, but yet again Manchester City are screwed over by another corrupt Referee Anthony Taylor. Taylor should have known Luiz had previous history with Aguero, Taylor went to blow for a foul with the whistle to his lips but, he bottled it and allowed Luiz to get away with it. This is why I believe Sergio Aguero got frustrated, because he was allowing Luiz to take a piss.

I'm not excusing what Aguero did, he deserved the red card for the tackle on Luiz. But if anyone deserves Karma for all his dirty play and tricks, then it's David Luiz but he doesn't just do it for Chelsea, he also does it for Brazil.

One issue I'd like to highlight is, that Anthony Taylor is Greater Manchester born from Wythenshawe, he claims to be an Altrincham fan. But I suspect foul play, he's either manipulated by PGMOL, Proffesional Game Match Officials Limited or the Premier League themselves and the FA, English Football Association. Since PGMOL formed in 2001, I've always believed the level of refereeing in England has taken a nose dive. Every single game week there's controversy and to my knowledge when a match official gets it catastrophically wrong, the only punishment dealt out is temporary demotion at the most. Referee's have often cost clubs valuable points in title races up and down the English leagues, these Referee's impact on Football Fans lives and they are rarely made accountable for their actions, actions that would otherwise get someone the sack in any other working industry.

In 2016/17 Taylor officated 3 Chelsea matches and they have won all 3.

In 2015/16 Taylor officiated 4 Arsenal matches, they won 3 drew 1, Chelsea weren't as lucky in 2015/16.

In 2014/15 Taylor officiated 3 Chelsea matches, they won 2 drew 1, Arsenal also enjoyed having a twelfth man over the last 5 seasons.

In 2014/15 Taylor officiated 3 Chelsea matches and they won 2 drew 1, Arsenal won 2, draw 2.

It's blatantly obvious that Taylor has plenty of previous and favor for Chelsea and Arsenal, in recent seasons Manchester City have been on the receiving end of Anthony Taylor against Chelsea, Arsenal and Leicester City.

Don't let Taylor fool you, he officiates our games against mid to lower table clubs with impartiality and our win to loss ratio is reasonable, but when it comes to title chasing teams Manchester City always suffer his wrath.

Before the Chelsea match and after I found out Taylor would be officiating, I knew straight away we were going to suffer and Taylor didn't disappoint.

In this clip below David Luiz knew he was beaten and Aguero was in on goal, Luiz plays Aguero by shoulder barging him off balance, and the commentators state Luiz was lucky and it should have been a red card. Ex World Cup Referee Graham Poll also claimed on his Daily Mail Column that he agreed David Luiz should have been sent off.

Anthony Taylor put his Whistle to his mouth but then bottled it and failed to send Luiz off, had he sent David Luiz off rightfully then Sergio Aguero would never have made that tackle on Luiz in the first place. This wasn't the only incident where David Luiz took the piss out of Aguero and Taylor let slide, which is exactly why Sergio felt hard done by and lost his cool.

The media and Chelsea fans are now trying to make out Aguero is a nasty guy but, none of them know the guy and quite frankly everyone that does, knows he's far from it and certainly not as bad as Costa that's for sure.

Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware on a rare occasion a City player has escaped being sent off but it's been rare, rare because the majority of the time City players almost always get sent off. What I find interesting is, before all the money arrived at Manchester City, we almost always got the raw deal, famously known as everybody's favorite second club. They would try to make out it was because they related with but, it was because we were everyone's favorite whipping boys. When City come to town it was an almost guaranteed 3 points in the bag for them, I'm sure we have all lost count of how many times we've heard the term 'Typical City'.

I'm not about to go down the same route of Man United, Liverpool or Arsenal fans and claim we deserve better from Referee's because the last thing I want is to see Referee's helping us out and taking credit away from our Club and players. What I do want to see though is Referee's doing their job correctly, right now they aren't and for a long long time now, I have suspected foul play.

Now The PGMOL Board consists of the three governing bodies' Chief Executives and Referees Managers in addition to The FA's Head of Refereeing. They are tasked with the responsibility of developing excellence in officiating in the English game at professional level. It's headed by an official of the English Football Association, The FA, yet the PGMOL are well known for being secretive and have hardly ever been made accountable for controversy. In fact it's always been swept under the carpet, the most high profile controversy was when they were accused of bias towards Man United and more importantly Sir Alex Ferguson. Even in Alex Ferguson's own Autobiography, he admits to having a favorite Referee.

You only have to Google and you will find Referee's like Dermot Gallagher admitting to controversy and more recently a Referee exposed the truth about Referee's being asked to manipulate games but, it's all been swept under the carpet as usual.

Fifa are the only Organisation who can put pressure on the FA and PGMOL but, they're pre-occupied fighting their own corruption cases.

Anthony Taylor may have just made a serious error of judgement, human error, but it was a serious error which affected the title race. He even went one step further and protected Cesc Fabregas and another Chelsea player by issuing yellows despite the fact he or his team noticed those two Chelsea players either retaliate at Aguero or provoke Fernandinho by slapping him around the face and then feign a theatrical accident, while deciding to send off a second influential Manchester city player in Fernandinho. Fernandinho is the only City player to have played every single game for City up until the Chelsea game, as a result Chelsea currently top of the table still have two influential players who have wrongfully escaped red cards and bans. While Manchester City have lost the two most important players in Aguero and Fernandinho for 3 to 4 games, Taylor has drastically changed the outcome of the title race and to be honest I think he's put a serious dent in our chances of winning the title. So what no one saw Cesc Fabregas feign being hurt and stumbling back looking for the ad board, before throwing himself over it accept us fans? All us City fans can hope for now, is that Gabriel Jesus arrives and immediately sets the Premier League on fire and that Guardiola pulls some serious transfer coups out on the bag to improve our defensive frailty.

Keep the faith, we need to start beating the 12th man to stand any chance of winning the title.


  1. Bitter much? Aguero has previous on Luiz in FA cup a couple of years ago also.

  2. Mate you want to get a life , anything that David Luiz has done does not come anywhere near what Aguero has done .Do remember the two footed lunge by Aguero on Luiz a couple of seasons ago . I'm biased to my club but you take it to new levels

  3. Aguero's got previous, Aguero's got previous, Chris Foy chose not to red card Aguero in the FA Cup so you should take that up for Chris Foy. Not whine like little babies on here because you don't like it that I'm calling out 2 of your players for being scumbags. In fact this article was more of an attack on Anthony Taylor, I see you're not trying to defend that twat aye. I publish an article with facts, backed up for Sir Alex Ferguson's admittance of guilt in his Autobiography, statements from ex Fifa and Premier League referee's and recent incidents where referee's have admitted to corruption within the game. I take what to new levels, hurting your feelings because you can't handle the truth?

  4. Snodgrass admits to diving for Penalty, the problem is corrupt and incompetent match officials.


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