This is our City: City an utter embarrassment against Liverpool, No Superbia in Preolio

7 April 2018

City an utter embarrassment against Liverpool, No Superbia in Preolio

I've took time out for reflect and calm down but, I'm still annoyed about our teams performance. Some City fans won't agree but I'm sorry, it all has to be said that Manchester City have been an utter embarrassment to our away fans this season. Not once but twice away from home against a much less talented Liverpool side who are on half the wages our players are on.

Twice now our players have allowed themselves to be bullied off the park, it was absolutely outrageously embarrassing to watch. I have never ever walked away from a game in 30 odd years, I've lived the lows of our history, took the laughing and jokes in the School playground. Put up with a life time of mockery and ridicule by United fans and so on but, I could live with it because I could accept they were better and more deserving, all be it because they all had more money than us and sugar daddies.

Now however we are better than them all, 16 plus ahead of them all yet when it comes to Liverpool away, our players allow themselves to get bullied and go missing (I'm sure you've guessed by now I'm angry). I'm not even going to have a pop at the Referee because, despite the fact he allowed Liverpool to constantly go in heavy on us from behind. It's no excuse for our players to not give as good as they got back to Liverpool, instead they play with little urgency and act like they have all the time in the world. I've finally worked out Pep Guardiola's weakness, his failure to encourage his players to give as good as they get. When I heard him say he likes his team to play beautiful football, I didn't realise he meant literally like ballerina's trying to tip toe the ball into the back of the net.

While the entire Liverpool team play with high octane gonads and work their backsides off, it's like they have an entire team of James Milners, not that he's something special, just his work ethic I'm highlighting. Our players barely break a sweat, yet again for the second time they've gone missing in the first half against the same club. It's absolutely embarrassing and I strongly believe our club should compensate our travelling away fans for both games tickets and travel. It's one thing to embarrass our fans once, it's another to embarrass us twice against the same club in the exact same way they did the first time out.

Our players didn't deserve to win, they need to grow a backbone and stop allowing teams to bully them into submission. I'm sorry but football isn't a no contact game and we can't continue to go on acting like we can play without giving as good as we get, otherwise we are never going to win the Champions League.

Pep Guardiola and his team are equally to blame for this, he needs to adapt his philosophy to accommodate the aggression of English football. He said we started with enormous personality, I say rubbish. He said he was looking for more passing and more control, what he didn't notice was, the Liverpool players were robbing our players of the ball from behind, how the damn couldn't he see that? the even more ludicrous thing was that, our players who kept getting robbed from behind kept allowing it to happen.

We've made Liverpool look better than they actually are, I would happily trade our 16 point lead in the league to replay both Liverpool games and see our players play like they have spines. It's like we lost our Superbia in Preolio.

Many of our fans are using Gundogan as a scapegoat but I prefer to blame the entire team including Pep Guardiola. Yeah yeah I know, we've won the League Cup and are about to lift the Premier League title so give it a rest right? No not at all, I'd rather lose the title than be humiliated twice in the same season, in the exact same way by an average over rated team like Liverpool who's only strength is to bully with heavy handed tactics. Like I said our players need to Man up and grow a pair fast, technically we could still lose the title and lets face it, right now our players have been kicked off the park twice so what's to stop them throwing it away?

It's even crossed my mind, what if they tried to walk it to save themselves for the Derby but to be frank. I would have preferred to turn Liverpool over more than beat United, I'll go wash my mouth out now.

You could point to the fact our team coach got pelted with bottles, bricks, Rocks and even what seemed like a petrol bomb after the Coach roof was set on fire but, a few of our players came out with a load of never say die tripe about not being affected by it all so I think they deserve a bit of criticism if that's the case.

Liverpool FC and Liverpool Police allowed Liverpool's fans to execute their plan for a hostile and violent attack on our team coach, makes me laugh every time I hear that the British Police force are launching an investigation. You can imagine it like this. Lets see what went wrong, well it wasn't our fault so lets find one or two individual Liverpool fans to prosecute and sweep it under the carpet.

I suspect all UEFA will do is fine Liverpool for the cost of Coach repairs and give them a slap on the wrist, lets face facts. UEFA don't want to be making an example of any of their beloved favourite clubs, how on earth would they make more money if they sent a message out to the rest of Europe's fans, that if they do it they will face severe punishment. I suspect the English Football Association does absolutely nothing also.

I'd rather we play with pride, not allow ourselves to get bullied off the field and not be humiliated than win titles and trophies. Lets hope they don't repeat the same performance against United.

Rant over. I'll support our Club until I die but, right now I don't think they fully deserve it.


  1. Anonymous7/4/18

    Spot on. Same against Wigan too, and Pep has no plan B

  2. Anonymous7/4/18

    A petrol bomb ffs? what went on was ott,but there was no petrol bomb,no rocks,mainly cans+a few bottles,totally wrong,but stop exaggerating eh.
    Apologies for not letting your higher quality midfielders have the run of the pitch,and actually tackling them!

    1. So what you're telling me is the roof of the coach wasn't for a moment set on fire? Because what i witnessed was exactly that. The coach roof was momentarily set on fire, may not have been a large bomb with a large amount of fuel but it certainly wasn't a flare as a flare does not set on fire like that. I saw a brick and a rock laying on the road along with full beer cans, an empty beer can would never smash glass and one or two coach windows were shattered so get your facts straight Liverpool fan, video evidence proves I'm right. I had no problem with Liverpools heavy play, in fact I stated in this article that I was pissed that our players didn't dish it back. Idiot.

  3. Spot on piece of analysis. Our fabulous players have gone a bit too soft when the heats really on. They also picked up a really annoying habit of talking about the minutae of everything. KDB has even managed to talk himself out of the player of the year running. In summer we need to acquire a more aggressive midfielder and striker to spice up the team 20%.

    1. We're certainly missing a Zabaleta, We're missing Aguero's aggression and Milner brought a bit of bite to our side, so yes we need aggression back in our side.


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