This is our City: United never learn, Manchester City can operate without Aguero, we have Iheanacho

31 August 2016

United never learn, Manchester City can operate without Aguero, we have Iheanacho

The decades of goading which can't be written off as banter, Owen and Rooney's Derby winning goals, Young's constant diving and getting away with it, Fellaini's constant elbowing which went unpunished. You'd think that United would have learnt their lesson in 2012 after it was all undone in a few seconds of what was the biggest title win in the history of Football. All repaid on the last day of the season, you couldn't have made it up if you tried.

United's fans and the Media have gone all out contacting the Football Association and provided propaganda to get Sergio Aguero banned, so far the FA have followed protocol but it's hard to see any outcome other than a 3 match ban when the Football Association are admittedly pro Trafford United.

The FA have since removed the Header of United winning the Community Shield with a simple England badge on a Grey backdrop.

But nooooooooooo it's not in the fabric of their club or fan base to come down off that pedestal, as soon as they signed the two biggest ego's in world sport, all of a sudden the Utd fans started mouthing off about how they are back in the big time again.

The only problem they seem to have not remembered though is, nothing lasts forever and Karma really is a bitch.

Manchester City can live without Sergio Aguero for 3 matches because we have the second best forward in the league, in Kelechi Iheanacho and sooner of later we will have another forward in Brahim Diaz, Heir too Aguero himself.

6-1, 2012 just the calm before the storm.

They have another Derby to play at the Etihad yet and i'm sure Sergio will be gunning to set things straight should he be banned, the title isn't won in September.

Time for Iheanacho to shine.

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  1. Bluey Hills31/8/16

    When Aguero was injured 2 seasons ago our midfielders were scoring for fun. Kun was lucky to get back in the team, lol. We can still win without him.


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