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27 April 2018

PC infecting Sport, Hillsborough used as excuse to defend violent Liverpool fans, Karma

It's been reported that the Express have suspended Writer Colin Mafham for an Article he published stating that Liverpool fans were part to blame for the violence surrounding the Liverpool -Roma match.

As far as I'm concerned Colin Mafham was correct in blaming Liverpool's fan base, Liverpool FC's fan base sent out a message to the world via live television in the day Liverpool FC played Manchester City FC at Anfield. That they were ready and willing to pose a violent threat to any visiting Football Club and their visiting fan base, so it would be only natural that any visiting fan base would appear in numbers to defend each other should any attacks come to pass.

Live for the world to see, thousands of Liverpool fans lined the streets with flares, throwing everything they could get their hands on at Manchester City FC's team coach, at one point you cold see the team coach roof partly on fire, windows shattered.

Liverpool FC are also partly to blame, their own fan base admitted to the media and the media reported that they were planning the violent attack but, Liverpool FC did nothing to prevent it from happening. All they did do was send out a lame request for their fans not to do it, I accuse Liverpool FC of wanting it to happen. I also accuse Liverpool's Police Force of doing nothing to prevent the violent attack, I strongly believe that it was all down to benefit Liverpool as a City and Politics.

I believe the violent attack was allowed to go ahead to intimidate Manchester City FC, by providing Liverpool FC with an unfair advantage. Liverpool doing well in the Champions League puts Liverpool as a City back in the sporting market, lets be honest Liverpool have been out of the game playing catch up for some time.

It's absolutely outrageous that Colin Mafham has been suspended for freedom of speech, Politics did I say?

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has confirmed Colin Mafham has been suspended, Liverpool's mayor hit out at The Daily Express and directly addressed the newspaper's editor demanding to know why they believed it was an acceptable article to print.

Mayor Anderson's tweet read: "To the Express Editor. I demand to know how you could ever believe it was acceptable to publish Mafham's piece about Liverpool fans, two years to the day after the Hillsborough verdict. Your paper has learnt nothing and you should face the city and apologize."

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson sickeningly uses Hillsborough Disaster to intimidate the Express into sacking Writer who's only crime was to tell the truth and into removing his Article.

A clear case for Political Correctness now working it's way in to Sport, say something a Snowflake doesn't like and you find yourself losing your Job, up for charges by the Police, in the Dock awaiting sentencing, held and deported and so on.

It's been reported that a Liverpool fan had been seriously injured around the time of the Liverpool - Roma match, all I can say is that's Karma. When a Football Clubs fan base advertises that they are violent and commits violent acts, you can't expect another fan base not to defend themselves or feel they could be welcomed with hostility.

Shame on the City of Liverpool, shame on the Mayor of Liverpool and shame on Liverpool FC and their fan base. Cause Violence, enact violence, then when they are the victim of violence they go crying and getting upset when someone speaks out against them with the cold hard truth.

The article that Colin Mafham published has now been removed, you can find the Liverpool Echo's take on it Here