This is our City

3 January 2017

British Media and Anti City Bandwagon want Pep to fail, The FA control match officials.

I absolutely categorically support Pep Guardiola in his stance with the Football Associations meddling with match officials via the back door of the PGMOL, I absolutely understand why Pep is confused by what has been going on in English football since the arrival of Alex Ferguson and his own arrival.

Most of you anti City bandwagoner's will claim it's a conspiracy, that I wear a tin foil cap and it's all in my head, that's all well and good until it's your club who also ends up suffering from injustice. You whine like little babies when it happens to you but, as soon as it happens to Manchester City you're all laughing your backsides off plastering Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with your Emoji's.

Since Pep Guardiola's arrival almost everyone other than Manchester City and City fans have been gunning for Pep, and wanting him to fail and that includes the likes of the British Media, Robbie Savage constantly bad mouthing City, Jamie Carragher can't hide his allegiance to Liverpool and has slated City and Pep on many occasions, Michael Owen is another culprit. BT have had a hugely publicised agenda against Manchester City and even Sky Sports couldn't help but have a pop at Raheem Sterling today after the Burnley win instead of crediting City for the hard fought win against a 14 man Burnley.

Most recent facts:

THE English Football Association who also head the PGMOL board (Professional Game Match Officials Limited), appointed Anthony Taylor is an English professional Football Referee from Wythenshawe, a market town in Trafford, Greater Manchester, home of Man United to officiate the high profile title fighting match between Manchester City and current table toppers Chelsea. He's from Greater Manchester ? WTF I always assumed a Referee wasn't allowed to officiate a match within their home location? OK Trafford isn't Manchester but it's surrounded by Manchester and it's home to United. Now He claims to support non-League side Altrincham, but many have claimed that he's been spotted on quite a few occasions in the crowd at Old Trafford. This particular game against Chelsea honestly came as no surprise to me as Taylor has a short history of screwing City, Admittedly we didn't turn up against Leicester City in 2016 but, he didn't help matters by gifting Leicester advantage. Against Arsenal in 2016 Taylor helped them make a comeback and needlessly decided to yellow card two City players just before the final whistle.

Now I'm not going to defend Sergio Aguero or Fernandinho for their actions against Chelsea BUT, had Anthony Taylor rightfully sent off David Luiz for smashing in to Aguero and send him flying. (No Taylor put his whistle to his lips and then bottled it). Then Aguero's rash retaliation on Luiz and the brawl the followed would have never come to pass. For the entire match Anthony Taylor allowed Chelsea to ruff up City and not end up with a single caution or yellow card, but as soon as City players gave as good as they got out flew his cards.

Manchester City are kicked, shoved and assaulted but that's not a problem as our players can stand up to it. Our problem is when we give as good as we get, then we're punished for it and our opponents either just get away with it or get a little verbal telling off three or five times before a yellow even appears.

Same thing with Lee Mason against Burnley, every incident went Burnley's way. Burnley turned up to ruff our players up and when City players gave as good as they got, out flew his cards. Again I'm not defending Fernandinho but as far as I'm concerned our players got frustrated, including Fernandinho because the Referee was without any shadow of doubt bias in favor of Burnley, so much so that he tried to get them back in the game and a few City players were fouled without caution let alone a card.

Now all our players are shown red cards but David Luiz, Cesc Fabregas, Nathaniel Chalobah, Marcos Rojo escaped red cards and bans. Now recently I've seen players make the same foul David Luiz made on Sergio Aguero, they all got penalized so there's clear and blatant inconsistency and I strongly believe the English Football Association and the PGMOL are behind it, in blatant attempts to manipulate the outcome of the league.

An ex Referee came out in the Media recently admitting, that they and other Referee's were asked to change the outcome of games by their bosses. Since that revelation for some unknown reason there has been a media blackout on the subject, nothing more was said and no one is asking questions and ruffling feathers?

Now the PGMOL and Match Officials are currently not accountable for their actions and that in my opinion is a disgrace, it sets a platform for Referee's to do as they please and not have to answer to anyone other than the FA. Their bosses who are far more concerned about protecting them, than they are punishing them with appropriate and proportionate punishment and consequences that the clubs and players end up with and or in.

Just to give this article some balance I stress that I only believe four clubs truly benefit from the Football Associations meddling in the English top flight, they are Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man United, more so Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea. On the rare occasion where Leicester City won the title I believe they were also at work. Even further balance by saying not all Premier League Referee's are poor or corrupt but most of them are. We've lost games fair and square, like our matches against Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City recently when we never turned up, those matches were well officiated. I'm not saying every game in the English leagues are manipulated by Referee's, just the important fixtures that decide title fights.

Now Pep Guardiola has every right to choose not to speak to the media, or be provoked into answering questions that he doesn't wish to answer. He has a point when he says he needs to get to grips with the rules, as there really is two sets of rules for Referee's to follow when officiating. Inconsistency and constant meddling by Referee's are currently a big issue in English football, I'm not saying it doesn't happen in other countries around the world either.

Pep Guardiola isn't here to entertain the British Media or you anti City bandwagoner's, we all know you want Manchester City and Pep Guardiola to fail. Our Club and Players are now getting the message, so keep it up, keep it all up, because we will come out fighting every time like we did against a 14 man Burnley and we will prevail.

Every match from now on needs to be treated like we're playing against 14 men.

We're right behind you Pep, we've got your back.

Comon City.