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28 June 2016

England Boo Boys and Media are Embarrassing, England fans and Hodgson are to blame for England's failure.

Roy Hodgson

So what we, England deserved to beat Iceland and qualify for the Quarter Finals of Euro 2016 and it's all Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling's fault?

Overnight and today England fans are attacking Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling, calling them everything under the sun you could possibly think of. Even advising them to commit suicide, this behaviour is absolutely ludicrous, appalling and embarrassing.

Even the English Media had England down to beat Iceland claiming England should beat Iceland convincingly.

But yet again the Media and Supporters pile huge pressure on the England squad, an England squad who have barely ever played together. Singling out certain England players for huge social media criticism, abuse and slander.

What pisses me off the most is, that the only players who have been attacked are Manchester City players. When Wayne Rooney is a complete and utter over hyped average pile of donkey dung, constantly knocked off the ball and made a complete fool of by Iceland. Yet no one attacked him for his piss poor performances, he isn't even a bloody midfielder for crying out loud.

Daniel Sturridge provided absolutely nothing in attack and couldn't score to save his life either, Harry Kane and James Vardy haven't exactly set the European stage alight either. Gary Cahill and Chris Smalling were an utter shambles and provided Joe Hart absolutely ZERO protection.

Why are only Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling being attacked and made scape goats. The worst thing Joe Hart could possibly of done, was to admit it was his fault that England are out of Euro 2016 because it's not just Harts fault.

Watching Roy Hodgson walk down the tunnel leaving his players devastated on the field with their tails tucked between their legs was the sign of a man out of his depth, a fake who should never have been England Manager in the first place. He couldn't even figure out who his first eleven were, that aided to the downfall of England.

The England Supporters who put too much pressure on Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling are to blame for England's failure, who failed to support Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling when they needed it the most. Instead you put Joe Hart in a position where he feared failure because he knew you were all lining up to have him hung. You all viciously and cruelly singled out Sterling which effected his form, if anyone should take the blame for England's downfall it's Roy Hodgson and you guilty as sin and nasty piece of work England fans.

What Hodgson was doing picking an over the hill Wayne Rooney and playing him out of position says it all, just because United can't move on and end up playing the over hyped player in midfield, doesn't mean England can or should. It's not like England are short of Midfield options, this just shows Hodgson was in over his head. Not to mention the fact Rooney's United have failed to qualify for the Champions League the past few seasons, Choosing to play Gary Cahill who plays for Chelsea, a club who had failed miserably last season and ended up 10th in the Premier League. Chris Smalling also from United. it just goes to highlight how England are suffering from a lack of Center Backs that all we have to turn too is Cahill and Smalling.

Both defenders offering nothing in the way of protection, I strongly believe that it doesn't matter which Goalkeeper is behind the sticks for England. With the weak defence England have, God help any Goalkeeper who takes over from Joe Hart. England don't deserve Joe Hart and if I had my way, I'd convince Joe to quit International and concentrate on his domestic career.

Raheem Sterling has endured Liverpool fans attacking him and his family, he's had to endure England fans attacking him and now he's even been attacked and questioned by a section of Manchester City fans.

Well if you want someone to blame, look closer to home and take a look in the mirror scumbags.

If you are not one of those who have attacked England, Hart and Sterling then I commend you, you were clearly raised with morals and values, respect and common sense.

I commend Iceland for wanting the win more than we did, they battled hard for ever loose ball and gave their all. Just a shame our players couldn't offer the same amount of fight and commitment.

The rest of England's squad need to stand up and take their share of the blame, I doubt they will though as they are not man enough to do so in my opinion.