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MCFC Outposts

If you would like your blog or site added to our list, then please contact me via the contact form on the front page.  If you find a broken link please let me know by contacting me, I will attempt to fix the issue. Thank you.

Bonner's Bar - Northern Ireland
The Western Bar - Northern Ireland
Cheers Bar - Sydney, Australia
Pig and Whistle Riverside - Brisbane, Australia
Kell's Irish Pub - Portland, Oregon, United States
Mad Hatter - New York, United States
Opera Bob's - Toronto, United States
Slainte - Baltimore, United States
The Globe Pub - Chicago, United States
The Londoner - Texas, United States
Mary D's - Puerto Rico, Caribbean
Mary D's - Manchester, United Kingdom
Maya Bar/Lounge - Hong Kong, China
NRG Cafe - Abu Dhabi
O'learys - Gothenburg, Sweden
The Bombardier - Paris
The Eastland's Bar - Manchester

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