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Fan Blogs And Sites

If you would like your blog or site added to our list, then please contact me via the contact form on the front page.  If you find a broken link please let me know by contacting me, I will attempt to fix the issue. Thank you.

A View From A Blue
Bert Trautmanns Neck
Bitter & Blue
Blue Chews-Daze
Blue Days
Bluemoon / Russia
Bluemoon Over Manchester
Citizens of Sweden
City Fan DK
City Italy Blog
City Media UK
CityNews Portugal
Down The Kippax Steps
In Esteemed Kompany
Inoculated City
Just Man City Blogs
King of the Kippax
Lets All Do The Poznan
Lyndhurst Citizen
MCFC History
MCFC Indonesia
Mad City Fan
Maine Rd FC
Man City / Czech
Man City / Russia
Man City / Serbia
Man City / Spain
Man City France
Man City Issue's
Man City MAD
Man Twitty
Manchester is Blue
Mcfc / Arabia
Mcfc / Brazil
Mcfc / China
Mcfc / Czech
Mcfc / Danish
Mcfc / Dubai
Mcfc / Iceland
Mcfc / Korea
Mcfc / Netherlands
Mcfc / Sierra Leone
Mcfc / Thailand
Mcfc Stats
News of the Blues
Oasis Blues / Italy
Over the Blue Moon
Pride In Battle
Sully's Mcfc
Sydney Blues
That Goal
The Blue Alliance
The Citizens / Germany
The Lonesome Death Of Roy Carroll
Total Manchester City
Without A Dream In Our Hearts

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