This is our City: January 2017

23 January 2017

The English Football Association and the PGMOL are behind Manchester City's Misfortune

Gary stinking Lineker claimed on Match of the Day after Andre Marriner screwed us over against Tottenham, that we can't start blaming referee's for diving, if the players don't get fouled onroute to diving. But I think that's a total load of utter bollocks, I strongly believe referee's are the reason players dive in the first place and here's why.

As soon as match officials are appointed Premier League matches, I've always been straight on the case. My first job is to look at the win, lose or draw ratio in previous City games, then I look to see if there's history of bias for or against. What I look for is the level of controversy, and match that with the win, lose or draw. If a few controversial incidents occurred against us and the lose and draws count higher than wins, then there's a strong case for bias against. Then I look to see who the games we lost against that involved controversy, with Manchester City for instance it always seems to be against the big clubs more often or not. But that doesn't mean to say it don't happen against the lower table clubs, take our recent game against Burnley for instance. Every point counts in a title race and we're in one, or at least we were in one.

Take Lee Mason for instance, he has a pretty fair record with us but statistics don't always tell the truth, which is why I look for past controversy to back up the stats. So Mason was the last referee I'd suspect of foul play, I strongly believe there were no controversy behind Lee Masons performance in the Burnley game. I just believe he took it upon himself to show Burnley a bit of support against us, it's what I call referee's trying to even out the playing field. The problem with that though is, when it ends up costing a club valuable points in a title race. Luckily we won that game despite Masons bias towards Burnley.

This however isn't the problem, the problem is big game changing refereeing decisions in big title fighting matches. Take City's recent game against Chelsea for instance. David Luiz was the last man and fouled Sergio Aguero, Anthony Taylor put his Whistle to his lips but then bottled it and allowed play on. Big game changing decision because then it gave David Luiz free reign to go on and knock Aguero about without consequence, as soon as a Player gets the idea in his head that 'hey this ref is showing us favor' it gives them licence to try their luck. As a result Aguero got extremely frustrated resulting in his rash tackle on David Luiz. Had Luiz been rightly sent then the brawl that was to happen after, would never have happened.

All our players were frustrated because Anthony Taylor made sure all his decisions went in favor of Chelsea, but to add insult to injury Anthony Taylor went one step further. He decided to red card and send off Fernandinho for defending himself, but only give Cesc Fabregas a yellow card to protect him from retrospective action. After Cesc put his hands around Fernandinho trying to throttle him, before throwing himself theatrically over an advertising hoarding.

He also sent of Sergio Aguero for his tackle on David Luiz but, failed to send of Chelsea's Nathaniel Chalobah after he flew in at high speed and launched Aguero across the field. Again Anthony Taylor protected Chalobah from retrospective action by only yellow carding the player. Video evidence is present on the internet to prove I speak the truth, anyone that suggests otherwise are bias and ignorant liars.

Now last year former Premier League referee Mark Halsey came out to the media, and claimed that he was asked to ignore game changing incidents by the PGMOB (Players Game Match Official's Limited) headed by the English Football Association. Gary Neville on his twitter account, claimed that he contacted Halsey for confirmation. (article here)

Mark Clattenburg is another match official who's been mixed up in quite a bit of controversy over the years, since Mark Halsey came out as a whistle blower, there has been a media blackout on the subject.

Does the fact Mark Halsey were asked to ignore game changing incidents ring any bells? Anthony Taylor against Chelsea? Andre Marriner against Spurs? not sending off Kyle Walker for denying Raheem Sterling a goal scoring opportunity, after he deliberately shoved Sterling in the back? Against Chelsea and and Tottenham Hotspurs that's 4 points lost for Manchester City in the title race, against two title rivals?

In a previous match against Tottenham Hotspurs, Mark Clattenburg gave Spurs a penalty against us. It hit Raheem Sterling's back before rolling off and hitting Sterling's elbow by accident, again everyone including commentators said it was never a penalty on a million years which was another game changing incident. Even the Daily Mail columnist and former Premier League referee Graham Poll stated Clattenburg got the decision wrong, but what grinds my gears the most is. Referee's are protected in this country far too much, which I strongly believe is partly to fault for issues like players diving and fooling Referee's in the first place.

Now in countries like Germany or the US, Referee's are allowed to explain their decisions to the Media and Fans, but England's Referee's are banned by the Football Association from speaking to the Media or anyone other than their bosses. Again, the head of the PGMOL (Players Game Match Official's Limited) is Neale Barry, who is also the Football Associations Head of Senior Referee's Development. Its claimed that Mike Riley is the boss of the PGMOL but that's a lie, Neale Barry (FA employee) is Mike Riley's Boss. The reason no officials speak out is, because the financial implications are significant.

Mark Halsey had to wave his rights to a severance package of £50.000 just to publish his autobiography, if that doesn't deserve you going out and buying it then I don't know what does. In fact I'm going to buy it just to find out what's in it.

Ok I'm not saying referee's are always bias and controversial but, corruption in English football does exist and it's right at the very top. Last season Leicester City were awarded quite a few controversial decisions in favour, but it was all shrouded by the Premier Leagues and English Footballs want for a fairy tale ending. OK the usual suspects in the title race never really posed a real challenge and went missing including City but, the controversy was ever present.

Those who believe these controversies and decisions even themselves out, are just lying to themselves. It doesn't even out at all, it never does as there's always someone that profits more than others.

Fernandinho gets red carded and banned twice, Trafford United's Marcos Rojo gets away with two worse tackles.

Even Player Agents are controlled to the point of censoring, the BBC reported recently that the whistle blowing Agent who claimed a number of Premier League Managers took bribes, rescinded his claims and states he lied. (article here)

Ignorant and deluded people would have you believe that these poor refereeing decisions always even themselves out across the course of a season, tell that to Manchester City who are all but out of the title chase. That is unless we can go on a winning run and not lose a single match until the end of a season, and hope that Chelsea lose 4 or 5 matches along with the others losing a few. I'd rather put my money on being screwed by a few more bad refereeing decisions, our opponents are all too predictable when it comes to spilling their bile. They would point to Bravo not being sent off for his two footed tackle against Wayne Rooney, however video footage shows it wasn't two footed and Wayne Rooney dived to try win a penalty. Then I'd point to Marcos Rojo committing two dangerous two footed tackles while not receiving anything more than a yellow card, or Marouane Fellaini elbowing Pablo Zabaleta in the face and only receiving a yellow when violent conduct states both Rojo and Fellaini should have been given their marching orders. In 2014 Ashley Young dived on multiple occasions without consequence and United profited with penalties and dead balls, the same season referee's helped them to their 20th top flight title. It took a fan and media outcry against referee's and United, before referee's started to penalize Young for it, United have a long history of diving players and receiving favor and it's still happening. The English Football Association doesn't want to see their play thing, the apple of their eye to suffer so they are helping them in any way possible.

The Independent have reported that Peps meeting with Mike Riley actually happened, after Lee Mason almost screwed City over against Burnley. Well we were never going to find out what was said between both Pep and Riley but, you can bet your soul that Riley gave nothing but excuses. It's now been reported that Guardiola wants another meeting with Riley after Andre Marriners failure to send off Kyle Walker and award City a penalty, for his clear and blatant foul on Sterling, Walker admitted to the world that he intentionally did so live on air. I commend Guardiola for speaking out as well as Franny Lee but, it would be nice to see our club ask the Football Association directly for an explanation as to why we are being unjustly targeted by referee's, while our title rivals are gaining unjust favour. Unlike Jose Mourinho's conspiracy against Chelsea had no substance behind it, no evidence, Manchester City on the other hand have suffered for constantly poor refereeing decisions, all but effectively knocking us out of the title race.

Now Yaya Toure has come out and rightly claimed City were robbed by Referee Andre Marriner, (story here) he's more than likely going to be another City player to be attacked by the Football Association. Oh we can't be attacking referee's and bringing the game into disrepute now can we? We have to portect these Referee's from any form of criticism or punishment, we can't be having them getting hurt now can we.

2 reds for Fernandinho, 1 red for Sergio Aguero, two of City's most important players.

0 reds for Marcus Rojo's 2 footed tackles
0 reds for Fabregas slapping Fernandinho around the face
0 reds for David Luiz last man smashing into Aguero as he was in on goal
0 reds for Nathaniel Chalobah charging Aguero and sending him flying
0 reds for Dele Alli assaulting Otamendi
0 reds for Kyle Walker last man shoving Raheem Sterling in on goal

That's just a few of the Refereeing mistakes in the Premier League this season, players and managers are punished at every corner with every chance the Football Association gets when they talk out of turn about Referee's. But they protect Referee's with a vengeance, anyone attacks a Referee and it's the hangman's noose. Yaya will be the next to suffer the Football Associations wrath, after publicly claiming he feels robbed by Andre Marriner.

Que the abuse that never gets published.

18 January 2017

Twilight Zone, Delph, Tosin, Yaya, Power, Messi, and Txiki shopping in Valencia?

After City's surreal performance against Everton, I fully intended on avoiding the media fall out, but instead I decided to weather it.

First off Fabian Delph? he's been available to play but Pep has chosen to go with Zabaleta in midfield, Delph was supposed to be on his way out with West Brom apparently in contact with City over singing him this month. Pep however has pulled the plug on any possible transfer out and fingers are being pointed at our apparent midfield crisis, OK we've lost our two best midfielders in Fernandinho and Gundogan but it's hardly a crisis. We had Delph available, there's nothing wrong with Fernando and his absence is also as confusing as Delph's. Neither were or are injured and both have played the invisible man, then there's Yaya, OK he had a poor game against Everton but he's surprised me since his comeback. Fernandinho being red carded 3 times this season has hurt us more than anything, followed by John Stones and his constant errors.

Next up and to add insult to injury, we are encouraged to believe our 19 year old Mancunian Defender Tosin Adarabioyo is on his way to Everton. All because the lad's turned down a new contract offer, with 6 months left to run on his current contract. As far as I'm aware there has been no interest from Everton in Tosin, so I'm led to believe it's just some moron trying to add insult to injury. Bottom line is yeah, we'd all like to see him stay at City and fight for his future, but if he doesn't want to stay then there's nothing we can do about it other than move on. I mean after all we only want players at our club who want to be here, I hope he sticks with us but it's not the end of the world if he doesn't.

The Independents Simon Hart caught up with ex City Leftback Paul Power, believes Manchester City have lost our identity? But with all due respect I think he's dead wrong. He points to the lack of Mancunian lads in our first team, and compares City of today with the City on his day. Which is in my opinion pretty lame and narrow minded. Back in the 1980's we were up and down in the first and second divisions, so far away from where we are today. Our unwanted neighbours over in Trafford were poaching all the best youth around Greater Manchester, they even poached Ryan Giggs right from under our noses. We weren't fighting for the League Title or the Champions League and we certainly didn't have the youth capable to compete with the bigger clubs.

It's only now that we can compete with the big clubs because now we are a bigger club ourselves, OK we've only got one Mancunian on our first team in Tosin Adarabioyo, but he's not the only young Mancunian on our books.

Manchester born Cameron Humphreys-Grant in our EDS squad.
Manchester born Brandon Barker on loan at Nac Breda
Manchester born Issac Buckley-Ricketts in our EDS squad
Manchester born Kean Bryan out on loan at Bury

There are a lot more Manchester born youth in City's academy but, those lads above are the four I believe have a good chance of making it into our first team. What Paul Power needs to realise is, we have been playing catch up and with that in mind, we've done pretty well in my opinion. I think age is catching up with Paul, it's unrealistic to think Manchester City can field a team full of Mancunian lads and sustain our Premier League and Champions League status. You can't just build a multi-million pound academy and then expect it to instantly roll out a production line of world class Mancunians, but I'd also like to point out a few other points.

Manchester City's players are not the only people that form the identity of our Football Club, the fact Power only spoke about the lack of Mancunians in the side, was just a slap in the face for us City fans. It's us City fans who make up most of the identity, after all if it wasn't for the fans of a club then the club wouldn't exist in the first place. I haven't even mentioned Manchester City's work in the Community, City are at the forefront of Community work and have achieved many awards to show for their hard work in Manchester.

Onto the Lionel Messi speculation that City have enquired about a potential world record transfer away from FC Barcelona, right now I would bet that it's nothing more than just talk. City may well have enquired but, that doesn't mean to say Lionel Messi is about to up sticks and move. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a front three of Messi, Aguero, Jesus but something just tells me Messi hasn't got it in him to make the move to England of all places. He's had a few chances to leave Barca but every time, he was just happy to take a pay rise.

And finally our Txiki Begiristain was spotted in Valencia, allegedly meeting with Valencia's Jose Ramon Alexanko, they currently have Eliaquim Mangala on loan but the talk was reported to be about the possibility of City signing 21 year old Spanish Leftback Jose Gaya. Any deal would more than likely include the permanent transfer of Mangala if both clubs were interested in doing a deal. With Clichy showing his age in his performances lately and Pep's intentions of using Kolarov as a Centerback, we are in need of fresh legs in that position so a move would make sense. To be honest, being constantly linked with Messi is getting boring, my money's on Messi signing a new deal with Barcelona.

I haven't even touched on Alexis Sanchez being on Peps radar with all the speculation over the players contract situation, all I care about right now is seeing Gabriel Jesus make his debut and see City get back to winning ways.

Check out the odds on live football matches at William Hill Lets hope Gabriel Jesus will help us back to winning ways and improve our odds, got to be in it to win it.

16 January 2017

Back Off, Pep Guardiola and our Lads need time, to stand up and be counted.

After taking time to assess and watch the fall out of the embarrassing Everton loss, lets be honest we made their average side look better than they are. I could have been rash and attacked Pep and certain City players, but hold on a minute? there's already way to many already attacking Pep and his squad, from idiotic pundits like Jamie Carragher to morons like someone that goes by the name of Mickey T? Some rag who thinks Pep's not all that, someone forgot to remind him United fans were once calling for Alex Furguson to be sacked.

So now every one's had their say I feel it's my turn, I'll hold my hands up and admit I expected a bit more progress from Pep and our team than they've achieved to date. I thought well look at Chelsea and Conte, look how well they're doing and it's Conte's debut season on charge at Stamford Bridge. it's easy to compare but then, Conte has pretty much kept most of Jose Mourinho's squad together and just tinkered with a few players. He's inherited last seasons Champions, so it's hardly surprising that they are doing so well.

Pep on the other hand has shipped out and replaced many players

Joe Hart out for Claudio Bravo

Stuck with an ageing and injury plagued defence, aka Vincent Kompany has been in and out for almost an entire season, Pablo Zabaleta and Bacary Sagna have been out injured. Aleksandar Kolarov to my amazement has been our stand out defender at Centerback, and with Gael Clichy our only Leftback it's blatantly obvious we were going to suffer. Ages 33, 32, 31, 31 and 30, which leaves John Stones at 22 and Tosin Adarabioyo 19.

Eliaquim Mangala out for John Stones
Martin Demichelis out for Ilkay Gundogan

We've suffered with the loss of Ilkay Gundogan who's out for the rest of the season after surgery, Fernandinho has been unfairly targeted by referee's this season aside the later red card which can't be justified. Referee's have been part of our problem this season, they've been guilty of showing our opponents favour rather than stay impartial and fair. This has led to our players becoming frustrated and left to feel unfairly treated. Manchester City have the highest possession statistic in the league yet, our players have picked up more bookings than any other club?

Samir Nasri out for Kevin De Bruyne and Leroy Sane

Wilfried Bony out for Nolito

Noting that Gabriel Jesus has only just joined us and is yet to make his first team debut, that's 5 for 6 first team players,all of which are pretty much first 11.

Injuries and poor refereeing have played a huge part in our season so far and we are still in the top 6, Gabriel Jesus is about to make his debut and I say better late than never.

SO if you claim to be a City fan and have found yourself attacking Pep Guardiola or our players, then back off, take a breather and evaluate what I've just covered.

This is Guardiola's first season in charge and as far as I'm concerned he's done pretty damn well so far, he deserves more respect than he's currently receiving and it's pathetic.

There are a few City fans attacking Claudio Bravo at present too, I call for them to back off also. Again you're only going to cause our club more harm than good. Bravo is obviously low on confidence so it doesn't help that you're cheering him every time he's saving a shot, it doesn't help that our defenders are committing silly errors all the time. Every one of us should be rallying around our lads and singing louder than ever before, while the British Media and opposing clubs fans hang Pep and our lads out to dry.

If you have any sense then you will come to your senses and see the bigger picture, we've been through more disappointment than most clubs on the planet so what's one freaking season of transition for us? not the end of the world.

I'll be happy so long as we stay in the top four above the rags, that my son is progress.

Keep the faith and remember, it's time for those fans sitting on their backsides to stand up and support our players. You should be privileged to be able to be there week in week out, yet you leave it too away fans to turn up and sing.

Our lads messed up and lost against Everton, so what? we're still only half way through the season and we're still in the Champions League, you have Gabriel Jesus to look forward too and the transfer window is still well and truly open.

Get behind the lads, City needs you.

3 January 2017

British Media and Anti City Bandwagon want Pep to fail, The FA control match officials.

I absolutely categorically support Pep Guardiola in his stance with the Football Associations meddling with match officials via the back door of the PGMOL, I absolutely understand why Pep is confused by what has been going on in English football since the arrival of Alex Ferguson and his own arrival.

Most of you anti City bandwagoner's will claim it's a conspiracy, that I wear a tin foil cap and it's all in my head, that's all well and good until it's your club who also ends up suffering from injustice. You whine like little babies when it happens to you but, as soon as it happens to Manchester City you're all laughing your backsides off plastering Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with your Emoji's.

Since Pep Guardiola's arrival almost everyone other than Manchester City and City fans have been gunning for Pep, and wanting him to fail and that includes the likes of the British Media, Robbie Savage constantly bad mouthing City, Jamie Carragher can't hide his allegiance to Liverpool and has slated City and Pep on many occasions, Michael Owen is another culprit. BT have had a hugely publicised agenda against Manchester City and even Sky Sports couldn't help but have a pop at Raheem Sterling today after the Burnley win instead of crediting City for the hard fought win against a 14 man Burnley.

Most recent facts:

THE English Football Association who also head the PGMOL board (Professional Game Match Officials Limited), appointed Anthony Taylor is an English professional Football Referee from Wythenshawe, a market town in Trafford, Greater Manchester, home of Man United to officiate the high profile title fighting match between Manchester City and current table toppers Chelsea. He's from Greater Manchester ? WTF I always assumed a Referee wasn't allowed to officiate a match within their home location? OK Trafford isn't Manchester but it's surrounded by Manchester and it's home to United. Now He claims to support non-League side Altrincham, but many have claimed that he's been spotted on quite a few occasions in the crowd at Old Trafford. This particular game against Chelsea honestly came as no surprise to me as Taylor has a short history of screwing City, Admittedly we didn't turn up against Leicester City in 2016 but, he didn't help matters by gifting Leicester advantage. Against Arsenal in 2016 Taylor helped them make a comeback and needlessly decided to yellow card two City players just before the final whistle.

Now I'm not going to defend Sergio Aguero or Fernandinho for their actions against Chelsea BUT, had Anthony Taylor rightfully sent off David Luiz for smashing in to Aguero and send him flying. (No Taylor put his whistle to his lips and then bottled it). Then Aguero's rash retaliation on Luiz and the brawl the followed would have never come to pass. For the entire match Anthony Taylor allowed Chelsea to ruff up City and not end up with a single caution or yellow card, but as soon as City players gave as good as they got out flew his cards.

Manchester City are kicked, shoved and assaulted but that's not a problem as our players can stand up to it. Our problem is when we give as good as we get, then we're punished for it and our opponents either just get away with it or get a little verbal telling off three or five times before a yellow even appears.

Same thing with Lee Mason against Burnley, every incident went Burnley's way. Burnley turned up to ruff our players up and when City players gave as good as they got, out flew his cards. Again I'm not defending Fernandinho but as far as I'm concerned our players got frustrated, including Fernandinho because the Referee was without any shadow of doubt bias in favor of Burnley, so much so that he tried to get them back in the game and a few City players were fouled without caution let alone a card.

Now all our players are shown red cards but David Luiz, Cesc Fabregas, Nathaniel Chalobah, Marcos Rojo escaped red cards and bans. Now recently I've seen players make the same foul David Luiz made on Sergio Aguero, they all got penalized so there's clear and blatant inconsistency and I strongly believe the English Football Association and the PGMOL are behind it, in blatant attempts to manipulate the outcome of the league.

An ex Referee came out in the Media recently admitting, that they and other Referee's were asked to change the outcome of games by their bosses. Since that revelation for some unknown reason there has been a media blackout on the subject, nothing more was said and no one is asking questions and ruffling feathers?

Now the PGMOL and Match Officials are currently not accountable for their actions and that in my opinion is a disgrace, it sets a platform for Referee's to do as they please and not have to answer to anyone other than the FA. Their bosses who are far more concerned about protecting them, than they are punishing them with appropriate and proportionate punishment and consequences that the clubs and players end up with and or in.

Just to give this article some balance I stress that I only believe four clubs truly benefit from the Football Associations meddling in the English top flight, they are Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man United, more so Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea. On the rare occasion where Leicester City won the title I believe they were also at work. Even further balance by saying not all Premier League Referee's are poor or corrupt but most of them are. We've lost games fair and square, like our matches against Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City recently when we never turned up, those matches were well officiated. I'm not saying every game in the English leagues are manipulated by Referee's, just the important fixtures that decide title fights.

Now Pep Guardiola has every right to choose not to speak to the media, or be provoked into answering questions that he doesn't wish to answer. He has a point when he says he needs to get to grips with the rules, as there really is two sets of rules for Referee's to follow when officiating. Inconsistency and constant meddling by Referee's are currently a big issue in English football, I'm not saying it doesn't happen in other countries around the world either.

Pep Guardiola isn't here to entertain the British Media or you anti City bandwagoner's, we all know you want Manchester City and Pep Guardiola to fail. Our Club and Players are now getting the message, so keep it up, keep it all up, because we will come out fighting every time like we did against a 14 man Burnley and we will prevail.

Every match from now on needs to be treated like we're playing against 14 men.

We're right behind you Pep, we've got your back.

Comon City.