This is our City: 2010-10-03

8 October 2010

It Is Time For Nigel Dejong To Know He Has Full Support From Us City Fans

Nigel Dejong our defensive midfielder has been ousted by his own country and made an example of, they had to try and fix the damage done to Netherland's reputation at the last World Cup. Bert Van Marwijk is an utter disgrace along with the Dutch FA, I am very surprised none of his national team-mates have come to Dejong's aid but then they are probably just covering their own hides.

Only one voice came out in support of Nigel Dejong, that was Dutch captain Mark Van Bommel but not much could be said for his support for it smacked of a man choosing his word carefully. Van Bommel chose to show support for Dejong while advising him to re-evaluate his game, Van Bommel bowed to his own critics demands and has become a shadow of the player he once was and thinks Dejong should do the same.

Our National media have tried their best to ruin Dejongs career along side almost all Newcastle fans, some opposing fans of other clubs and even fellow pro footballers who think the game should protect them with extra special treatment. Calling for Dejong's head on a golden platter while biting on an apple but for what, Ben Arfa is recovering from his accident and will be back playing one day soon and they want Dejong to be banned from playing and if they had their way it would be permanent.

Hatem Ben Arfa has not made any statement which smacks of Newcastle probably advising him not too, all he could muster was a message thanking for support from his Newcastle fans while Dejong was witch hunted.

Well I for one do not want Nigel Dejong to change anything and want to show my full support, the incident with Hatem Ben Arfa was an accident containing no malice.

If anything the posy hunting Dejong, Bert Van Marwijk and the Dutch FA and media should be ashamed of themselves.

I do not know one City fan who is not in full agreement with me on this matter, every single City fan I have spoken too or seen statements from also fully support Nigel Dejong.

Send a letter of support to our club or email even, leave a message below, take a banner to Eastlands or shout from the stands.

It is time we showed Dejong he is not alone.

7 October 2010

City Will Retaliate With Balotelli and Kolarov, Can We Keep All Cylinders Firing?

After all the recent negative witch-hunting hostility of late, I have decided to try freshen it up for you all.

2nd place in the English Premier League without Mario Balotelli, Jerome Boateng, Aleksandar Kolarov, Wayne Bridge and Michael Johnson.

Without our strongest wing backs and most promising out and out striker, We have brushed aside Chelsea the strongest team, while playing some of the toughest sides in the league.

That shows exactly how strong we are but with foot on solid ground, I believe we are still not finished and predict one big signing along with a few youngsters arriving.

I am quite optimistic about the rest of the season and think we should be looking forward to Champions League football, the only thing that could possibly stop us from reaching the Champions League is a long string of injuries.

With that said I'd like to take a quick look at whats going on over in Merseyside.

On my travels around the world wide web these past 5 months I have noticed Liverpool fans slagging us off and abusing City, now I could not care less about what they think of us but need to put their rants to the test.

They fired comments at us like 'Hope we never have owners like City, they have lost their soul' or 'trying to buy the league and we earned it through hard work' not to mention branding us scum.

Along with Man United fans, Liverpool fans freely forget the only reason they WERE at the top of English Football like United were because of money / investment, everytime they won something it was off the back of cash.

What they should have been saying is hope we don't get owners like United's Glazer family.

They have been protesting against Hicks and Gillett and have finally got what they wanted now that they are getting new owners, how do they feel about swapping one lot of American businessmen for another lot of American businessmen.

Do they feel safe in the knowledge that these businessmen are pretty much the same as United's Glazer family.

They could find themselves in the same position as when United first gained the Glazer family, but they could also find themselves in the same position as United are now later on down the line.

They also should be hoping their owners are like ours instead of sitting up on their thrones looking down as if they are the best in the world, was it not Barcelona who won the last Champions League title?.

5 October 2010

Is This All That You Anti City Punks Have Got?, Dejong Is Innocent And City Will Defy You

The tabloids are full of it these past few days with a large scale attack on Nigel Dejong being an understatement.

I don't remember a large scale attack being launched at Roy Keane or any other player I might add other than one player aka Joey Barton who was also conveniently at the time a City player.

At least someone has come out in support of Nigel in the form of Holland Skipper Mark van Bommel who is the Holland coaches son-in-law.

“It’s highly unfortunate if you break two opponents’ legs in six months, I know… But I know Nigel well and he’s a sensitive guy. He doesn’t want to hurt a soul but his job is to win duels and the ball. That is his strength. He repossesses many balls and thanks to Nigel – among other players – we reached the finals in South Africa. Now people are referring to him as a criminal. That is outright nonsense.”

I agree with Van Bommel that Dejong does need to be a bit more careful but that he should not change the way he plays, I also believe Dejong did not mean to hurt anyone and that the Alonso situation was a one off mistake that media and opposing fan are using to their advantage which is pathetic.

Mr Nigel Dejong, This is our City backs you to the hilt and believes you have been wronged by your country and brutally attacked by ignorant hypocrites.

With that said moving onwards and upwards our 24 year old super Serb defender Aleksandar Kolarov is in contention for the Blackpool game which is fantastic news after seeing Jerome Boateng return, This is bad news for the Premier League as we now have a full strength defence to choose from.

And on that note this reported bust up in the papers between Carlos Tevez and Roberto Mancini is nothing more than the usual fabricated lies.

Kolo Toure revealed that Roberto Mancini's half time team talk inspired City to win against Newcastle.

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“Newcastle put up a hard fight and were tough opponents,” admitted Toure.

“It was difficult after Thursday because we had only two days to recover and work. We started the game slowly and we were not pleased with that. Then we conceded a sloppy goal.

“The right things were said at half time, the manager had the right words and we worked harder in the second half and we are really happy that we got the three points.”

Newcastle Assistant Defends Dejong

Your going to have to do better than that punks, they must think we City fans were born yesterday.

4 October 2010

Those Opposed To City Are Nothing But Two Faced, Excessively Jealous Hypocrites

Newcastle United arrived at the City of Manchester stadium with the intention of trying to bully City into losing, the very same tactics used by Sunderland and Blackburn early on in the season.

Remember that player that beat the hell out of a French footballer on the training ground, yes that's Joey Barton the same person who committed plenty of late tackles in the game against City.

He was not the only Newcastle player who turned up to play the tough game though, it is only right we point out how the rest of the Newcastle players acted as well.

Newcastle picked up two yellows in the space of the first 22 minutes, Newcastle fans would have you believe Williamson never fouled Tevez and that it was never a penalty. Looking at the replay it may have not been in the 18 yard box but Williamson took him out from behind, to me it looks like it is right on the 18 yard line.

A Man United fan contacted Skysports to give his view, now my bet is on all City fans knowing exactly what this chump had to say.

Named after the preacher son of god, Jesus from Portland, Oregon said "I'm a Die Hard Man United fan and I root for anyone against City, I especially like Joey Barton and like new boys that come up do well."

This could not possibly be a glory hunting American United fan thinking Joey Barton came through the ranks at Newcastle could it?

Another chump on the anti City bandwagon is The Mails Graham Poll, talk is of the trailing leg and oh how exciting this subject is.

No one was ripping into Roy Keane when he was committing these acts on fellow professionals while at Man United, oh no and why?

The man even freely admitted guilt in his autobiography and still these chumps worship him like the hand of god is worshiped for his cheating ways.

The point is we are a minority now and will have to get used to being public enemy number one, I am quite liking being public enemy number one but why may you be thinking.

For years we have been playing some great football never to profit, we were also never a malicious or rough and tough club.

Now we are the richest club in the world everyone wants a piece of us and they all up their game against us, they all have the under dog syndrome.

sound familiar?

We have hopped the fence from under dog town to top dog City, we are no longer the under dog we once were. OK maybe we still are to the elite but not anymore to the rest of the pack we have left behind.

That does not mean to say the elite wont be joining in when the under dogs start whining in the alleys of the world wide web.

If you come to City to give it the rough treatment and try to run us into submission then don't expect us to role over and take it.

Camera's show our player did not maliciously cause harm, it was just unlucky and could happen to anyone.